How to Defeat the Elder in Valheim

Valheim has many engaging bosses who, when killed, provide trophies that give specific buffs for some time in the game. Here we will show you How to Defeat the Elder in Valheim and be done with the boss once and for all.

How to Defeat the Elder in Valheim

Unlike the first boss, The Elder cannot be located directly on the map. You need to follow a few steps to find him.

First, you need to locate a runestone that will reveal the location of The Elder.

This runestone will spawn randomly in the black forest, and clearing dungeons or looking around ruins in the area will help you find them easily.

These are mostly out of sight, so make sure you run around the building and dungeons a bit to not miss them.

Once you have revealed the boss’s location, you need to summon him so that you can fight him.

To summon the boss, you need to find three Ancient Seeds. These are found as drop items when you kill Greywarf Brutes and Greywarf Shamans.

The brutes that drop these seeds are larger than the regular brutes and have stronger attacks.

If you find yourself surrounded by multiple shamans and brutes, make sure you first kill the shamans, as they release a poison cloud that damages you overtime while simultaneously healing the brutes around them.

Once you have gotten three seeds, you now only need to summon the Elder.

To do so, head to the location of the boss on your map, and at the altar fire, burn three Ancient Seeds to start the summoning.

Make sure you kill all and any shamans or brutes still in the area because you are in for a hard boss fight.

The Elder Boss Fight

Elder is a huge tree-like creature. It will most wander around the location you summoned it. Even though Elder is slow, he has very strong attacks and a few of his attacks also have some range, so you need to stay on your feet.

The Elder has two ranged attacks. For the first, the Elder will send vines towards your location, and these will follow you up to some extent. The best defense is to run or stand behind a tree or any of the pillars of the summoning altar.

The Elder will also summon roots at your position and these sprout from the ground around you.

Even though you can fight and destroy them, it’s not worth the risk and the best thing to do is run away from them and attack from a different point.

The only melee attack Elder has a mighty stomp, which is likely to squish you.

You need to be close to the Elder for him to make this attack. Beware that this attack can one-shot you (sometimes even at full health!), so it’s best to get away from the attack.

The most effective method of killing the Elder is by using fire.

Players are recommended to keep their distance and use fire arrows to gradually chip away the Elder’s health since close-range combat with him is suicide.

The Elder has passive healing and will heal a small amount of health, so make sure to keep attacking him.

If you have multiple people fighting him, one should try to get his attention while the others keep raining arrows on the Elder.

The fight is sure to be long, so make sure you stock up on your supplies and try to build a repair bench close to him so that you can repair your weapons if needed. Do keep your bench out of range of the fight, or else the boss will attack you as you try to repair

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