How to Defeat Mezuki Boss in Nioh 2

Mezuki is the devil’s horse and looks like he’s sent from hell. This boss is capable of ripping your flesh off with his long sword. In this guide, we will tell you all about this boss fight and tips on how to defeat Mezuki Boss in Nioh 2.

Mezuki can also use grapples and shoot skulls directly at you, making him superior to you at any moment. In this Mezuki Boss guide, you’ll learn about the weaknesses and the avoidable move sets of Mezuki.

How to Defeat Mezuki Boss in Nioh 2

You may be wondering how this beast can be conquered. The simple answer is; focus on his purple stamina bar. Once his stamina is broken, he deals a massive amount of damage for few seconds.

Now, to lower his stamina, all you have to do is examine his move set. Mezuki is not an ordinary boss.

He uses combo move sets every two or three minutes into the fight therefore, you must watch his moves while keeping distance from him and when he’s open, you attack!

Once Mezuki is done with his three-strike combo, you aim for the head and use two high stance attacks with the spear and run away so you can avoid his comeback.

Keep luring him to perform a combo, hit him with a high stance attack and run away as soon as he’s near, repeat this process until his stamina drops down.

Apart from all the combos, Mezuki uses charged up attacks. These attacks are indicated with a red glow on them. You can use a burst counter by pressing R2 and circle.

The best way to execute this counter is to hit it once the boss is about to perform a move on you. This combo may drop your Anima but it’s worth the shot as it can really affect his Ki.

With his Ki bar dropped, go for the high stance attack. Once he’s down on his knees, backstab him to deal double damage.

Also, don’t forget to use  KI Pulse with R1 as it’ll max your damage output and regenerate your Ki.

But wait, he isn’t finished yet. He summons a Yokai Realm who slows down your Ki regeneration. By doing this he gets more powerful. Burst Counter him again on his red charged attacks.

Keep in mind that you should only hit him when he’s open, this way’ll you’ll land a safe hit.

Once he’s on his knees again, use the same procedure. Backstab him for double damage and continue with the Burst counter. He won’t have many chances left and you’ll come out of the battle as the winner.

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