How to Deal With Insect Swarms in ARK Genesis Part 1

Insect swarms have been added to Ark Genesis in the Bog biome. The marshy area is filled with hordes of these tiny, bloodsucking parasitic bugs, that soon turn into a HUGE nuisance. This guide will help you and show how to Deal With Insect Swarms in ARK Genesis Part 1

How to Deal With Insect Swarms in ARK Genesis Part 1

First of all,  these bugs attack you relentlessly. They attack in swarms and are hard to deal with as a new survivor. The bugs do not deal high or alarming damage but it can quickly stack up.

Also, they continually drain stamina, making it harder to escape them. Melee attacks prove useless against these creatures as they have no specific hitbox. The following are the ways you can get rid of the swarms as the game progresses.

Water bodies
Swamp or Bog has a lot of water bodies in it.  They are of crucial importance to new players as bugs DO NOT attack a survivor in water. When in water, the bugs will hover for a bit, then de-aggro and leave you alone.

In FPP, you can avoid the swarm by just being ankle-deep in water. In TPP, you need to be in water deep enough for you to swim to get away from the insect swarm. This can help you as in FPP, you can use shallow water as a cover to heal and craft weapons.

Torches can be used to get rid of swarms. When you attack the swarm with a torch, they disperse quicker. This gives you time enough to escape.

Incendiary and other bombs are somewhat useful to hit the swarms hard. They deal damage and sometimes get rid of entire swarms.

However, they need to be in the swarms to actually deal damage. If you really have a lot to spare, then go ahead. Blast your way out.

Tamed Animals
Tamed animals, even basic ones, can take out swarms. Since it is extremely hard to hit them with both melee and ranged weapons, tamed animals prove very helpful in the new game. They continually attack the swarms, finally getting rid of them.

Bug Repellant
A logical solution to bugs, repel them. Bug repellant buff temporary makes you kind of invisible to the bugs. They will leave you alone and disperse as soon as they see you. Keep the following things in mind:

  • When using repellant, if you stand near any tamed animal of yours who is being attacked, you will also get damage as the swarm features and area of effect, rather than a single hit.
  • When riding a tamed animal, the effect of the repellant is passed on to them also, providing them temporary resistance from bugs too.

The final resort. Since the torch does prove helpful for dispersing 1-2 waves of these bugs, it’s big brother flamethrower gets rid of bigger swarms faster and permanently.

Due to the large area of effect, the flamethrower proves invaluable to get rid of these swarm.

So these are a few guaranteed ways yo get rid of them pesky pesky bugs buzzing all around you.

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