How to Create Your Own Stadium in MLB The Show 21

In this guide, we will explain how to create your own Stadium in MLB The Show 21 and all the customizations and game modes you can have in your very own MLB The Show 21 Stadium.

How to Create Your Own Stadium in MLB The Show 21

In MLB the Show 21, you are able to build your own customized stadium for your team in the Show 21 career mode. In the Show 21 career mode, you start from a small team and then work towards your goal of being top in the MLB.

Creating your Stadium in MLB The Show 21
To start your own stadium in MLB The Show 21, head to the main menu and choose the Create option from there. Next, choose the Stadium creator to start creating your own stadium. In the stadium creator, there will be various pre-made templates that you can choose from and then customize further.

There are multiple Kits that are available in the Stadium creator that you can use. The Kits include designs ranging from traditional styles to fantasy out-of-the-world concepts. There are also different structure types that can be used in your stadium, like wood, stone, marble, etc.

You can also customize wall heights, pole depths and add items such as solar panels to your own stadium. You can also adjust the size and look of your batter’s eye in the stadium. You can customize many small details to make the stadium as close to your liking as you want.

Make sure to save the stadium once you are done customizing it.

Stadium Game Modes
Create your own Stadium feature in The Show 21 is exclusive to the next-gen consoles; PS5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S.

Moreover, you can not only create your own stadium in The Show 21 but also in the Franchise mode of the game as well. It is also available in Diamond Dynasty mode.

How to move your team to your Own Stadium
Once you have created and saved your own stadium, the next step will be to shift your team to your new stadium.

To do so, head to the Road to the Show main hub (known as the Clubhouse hub). From there, head to the league menu and choose the Stadium Assignment button.

From there, you will be able to select the custom stadium that you built and assign it to your team as well. From now on, your team will be playing in your own custom stadium in the MLB 21 Career mode.

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