BO4 Zombies: Tag Der Toten Riot Shield Build Guide

A powerful item for the late game.

While the final Black Ops 4 DLC might be a lot of fun, avoiding getting hit by a zombie in the later stages of the game isn’t so easy anymore. To make that a lot easier, the Tag Der Toten map has a buildable called the Riot Shield.

Not only is the Riot Shield important for defending yourself from zombies, especially from the rear, but it also plays a huge part in the Easter Egg.

With such huge reasons to get the Riot Shield in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Tag Der Toten, players are just itching to get it – but that’s easier said than done. The Shield is divided into three parts and must be built by finding and combining them.

To help find those parts, we have compiled all their locations in our Riot Shield guide for BO4 Tag der Toten.

Riot Shield parts locations in Tag Der Toten

The Riot Shield is sort of an essential buildable especially for later parts in COD Black Ops 4 Zombies when there are way too many zombies and much harder to kill. Since this is such a useful item, it’s quite hard to get. 

You need to collect three in order to build and use the Riot Shield. The location of each part is not fixed, every part has three fixed sites where it can spawn, and they change in every game.

Part #1: Panel

You can find the first part near the spawn location (docks) in either one of the following locations:

  • The gas pump on the bridge leaning to its side.
  • On the side of the boat stuck in the ice opposite the power switch on the bridge.
  • The ice heaps behind the boat where the zombies spawn.

Part #2: Base

The second part is somewhere in the icy hilly area left of the Docks in Frozen Crevasse & Lagoon. You may be able to find this part in one of the three locations:

  • On top of the blue ice hills placed on a black rock.
  • On top of the ice shack, two jumps away from the first place, beside the bloodstain where the Mystery Box spawns.
  • To the side near the lagoon behind a huge ice mound – back left corner.

Part #3: Gun

The third part if the Riot Shield is somewhere inside the Lighthouse. The three possible locations for this part are as follows:

  • The first possible location is against the wall immediately left of the entrance opposite the start of the spiral stairs.
  • The second location can be just beside the 2 painted on the wall on Level 2.
  • The third location is on the third level leaning against the guard rail just right of the stairs.

How to build the Riot Shield in Tag Der Toten

Collecting the parts was actually the difficult part, once you’ve gone through the struggle of collecting them all, you’ve pretty much done the whole process of getting the BO4 Riot Shield already.

All you need is just to assemble the shield. It also comes equipped with a machine pistol that you can use if you get stuck in a tricky situation.

Did You Know

You could build the Riot Shield pretty much anywhere you wanted previously, but it got specified to three workbenches shortly after release.

There are three plausible locations where you can build the Riot Shield. You just have to find a workbench in either the Lighthouse station area, the Gangway area of the ship, or the Specimen Storage area of the Facility.

Once you’re there building the shield will be as easy as pressing the prompt button. To use the shield, you can hold LT or L2 to set it to defense mode, or just use your pistol when you’re not. Once it takes too much damage, it will break and you will have to build it again at the workbenches.

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