How to Beat Cell Jr in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

Take on one of the biggest threats in the game and learn how to beat Cell Jr in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot to ensure victory with this guide

After Gohan defeated Cell with that Epic One-handed Kamehameha, Cell produced mini versions of himself known as Cell Jr. who possess all the powers and abilities that Cell had. To deal with them, read this guide on how to beat Cell Jr in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

In Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, these Cell Jr are really complicated to deal with since it took many sacrifices to kill one Cell, now you have to deal with several Cells at once. In this guide, we have given some important methods and boss fight tips to kill Cell Jr. Along with what kind of abilities he has in his arsenal.

How to Beat Cell Jr In Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

In order to defeat Cell Jr. in DBZ Kakarot, you must know their move set and abilities that can affect your performance in the game.

Cell Jr. Have three main moves that can drain your health immediately if connected properly. Moves such as Destructo Disk, Kamehameha and Solar Flare.

Destructo Disk is quite complicated to dodge as it is a series of disks thrown at you without any red indication. Therefore, you must dodge this move really carefully.

The second move is straight out of Goku’s arsenal, the Kamehameha.

However, Cell Jr. Has made some changes to the move. You’ll not only get hit by a straight beam but also 3 beams will be aimed at you from parallel directions.

The third and last move Cell Jr. Uses is taken from Krillin’s move-set, the Solar Flare. You are left stunned and opened to attacks once this move is executed.

Since you now know the moves that Cell Jr. Uses in a battle, you can easily defeat him if you try harder.

To defeat Cell Jr. You need to dodge the most damaging move; the Kamehameha.

Simply dodge the center part where the beams overlap by moving sideways and out of its direction, this way you’ll avoid the hit and Cell Jr. Will be opened for a free shot, hit him with your own move and beat him.

Make sure you bring a lot of health recovery items during the Cell Jr boss fight with you since the length and difficulty of the fight is only known when you start the battle, therefore, you must be prepared in advance.

Secondly, deal with Cell Jr quickly without wasting any time as flying and delaying the fight is only going to make it worse for Trunks and Vegeta who are assisting you in the fight.

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