How to Beat Cell in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

This DBZ Kakarot guide will be focusing on how to kill a rather formidable boss that the Z-Fighters have to face: Cell! He is as scary in-game as he was in the anime and if you are having difficulty in eliminating him, then have a look at How to Beat Cell in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot.

How to Beat Cell in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

Throughout the saga, Cell will have a total of EIGHT forms that he will attain by absorbing different Z-Fighters.

In the first encounter, he will be imperfect facing off against Piccolo and will attain Semi-Perfect form whilst fighting Goku and Vegeta.

Afterward, he will gain his perfect form and become a much more challenging foe to face off against. In this guide, we will be discussing Cell’s abilities and how to avoid them effectively.

Beating Imperfect Cell

Getting ahead of the fight with Imperfect Cell is certainly easier, but only because it is the initial stage, so don’t get too overconfident.


Whilst facing off against this form of Cell, make sure to watch out for his Beam Attacks, and immediately counter his attack by side-stepping and using your own special ability to deal as much damage as possible.

Use your Rapid Fire Ki Wave ability as much as you can so as to deal a great amount of damage. It is a relatively easy attack to land giving you guaranteed hits on Cell.

Fighting Semi-Perfect Cell

The fight with Semi-Perfect Cell lasts with two characters; Goku and Vegeta. Things get relatively tougher here since Cell’s abilities change and they will deal a lot of damage.

You must dodge Impact Smash at all costs, otherwise, you will take a lot of damage that will set you behind in the fight by A LOT.

As soon as Cell’s golden aura gets extremely close to you, side-step in order to avoid getting hit.

Cell will often use Sonic Blow and another Special Attack as a combo. Once he uses his Sonic Blow to knock you off balance, make sure to spam the dodge button in order to dodge the next attack and avoid taking any damage.

Facing Off Against Perfect Cell

There will be FIVE different encounters with Perfect Cell in DBZ Kakarot, each as challenging as the previous one. Thankfully, we have the tips for all of these boss fights.

Cell’s Energy Blast is deadly, and you need to get as far as you can from it. Trying to attack Cell at this point can be dangerous and you might take a lot of damage so it is recommended to simply wait it out.

Cell has another attack known as the Punishing Storm; during which it is recommended to fly straight up or down instead of trying to dodge it by moving away from it.

This way you can get right off to dealing damage to Cell once he finishes.

Cell is vulnerable when he is charging his Kamehameha, take this opportunity to fire off your Masenko at him, as many Masenkos as you can; which will, in turn, interrupt Cell and you can continue your combo.

Abilities and Boss Tips

Cell has the Z-Fighters’ signature move, the Kamehameha. With his power level, the blue beam is definitely more deadly and does way more damage. The attack is easily dodgeable.

Solar Flare
Another move copied from the Z-Fighters. This attack will temporarily disorient you, leaving you open to attacks by Cell. If caught in this, there’s nothing much you can do except take a little damage.

Guided Kamehameha
This special attack will follow you in the direction you turn; but it has its limits, so if you’re a little far away from Cell, you will be able to easily dodge it.

Special Beam Cannon
Piccolo’s special move. A deadly penetrating beam that will go right through out if you fail to dodge it.

Cell will often jump behind you and grasp you with his tail to drain you for 50,000 HP. This ability cannot be dodged.

Impact Smash (Semi-Perfect Cell)
Cell charges in a line dealing damage to anyone in his path. This attack is deadly and can only be dodged if you side-step as he is about to hit you.

Barrier (Perfect Cell)
Cell uses his purple barrier if he seems to be in a pickle from your attacks. You will be knocked back if you come in contact with it.

Sonic Blow (Semi-Perfect Cell)
Cell will charge forward and kick you thrice, and then usually he uses a charged attack after throwing you away.

Assault Rush (Perfect Cell)
Cell will kick you a few times dealing a little damage. However, if you move away and dodge the attack, you can unleash a Super Attack right after.

Multi Form (Perfect Cell)
Cell will split up into three clones. You can change the target and try to target the real one, try to do it as fast as possible otherwise you will take too much damage.

Clone Ability Copy (Perfect Cell)
Cell’s Clones will copy Cell’s abilities resulting in all kinds of attacks on the battlefield which will leave you with a lot less time to think.

Clone Ki Projectiles (Perfect Cell)
Cell’s clones will now fire projectiles at you, a lot of these are going to be an irk so you better take care of the clones as fast as possible.

Special Kamehameha (Perfect Cell)
When you are facing off against Cell for the final time, he will often charge up a Kamehameha, leaving him open for attacks. Deal as much damage as you can during this phase and avoid getting hit at all costs.

Punishing Storm (Perfect Cell)
In the final battle, Cell will summon energy balls which will start to explode around you one by one.

Sonic Beam (Perfect Cell)
Cell will split into various other copies of himself and fire energy beams at locations marked with red lasers.

That is all the details regarding the final boss of Android Saga. Cell is definitely a challenging enemy, and the fight is designed to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Make sure to keep every attack in mind and act accordingly; the slightest mistake is going to cost you a lot of health in this battle.

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