How Challenging Will Dark Souls 3 Be? Hidetaka Miyazaki Hints at the Answer

How hard do you want Dark Souls 3 to be? Hidetaka Miyazaki discusses the level of difficulty and how the game has to be welcoming to new players.

With the coming of Dark Souls 3 fans of the previous games will want a challenge, and expect the level of difficulty to be high. The question is, just how hard will the game be to complete?

These details may have been hinted at in issue 263 of Play Magazine. When asked about the challenge Dark Souls 3 will provide players, director Hidetaka Miyazaki’s reply was:

“Our objective is to make the game possible to accomplish”

Whether being “possible” means the game will be any easier than the previous games will be up for debate. From previous experience though, the last thing FromSoftware will do is make the game any easier. Maybe to ease any worries of this, he added to his reply:

“I want to keep both the possibility of accomplishment and the difficulty itself,” Miyazaki explained. “Therefore, for example, adding observation, planning, or learning to the basic difficulty situation adds to the importance of the non-skill elements”.

So new players will find this Dark Souls game more inviting, but will soon find the challenge upped:

“I think seasoned players will feel refreshed and enjoy new strategies,” he said. “And for new players, I want to make it difficult, of course, but accomplishable and enjoyable.”

For a game like Dark Souls 3 to be successful it has to allow new players to learn the game, and what makes it so special. While hardcore fans want it to be hard, and to punish them for mistakes, this is something that can be brought in after the first steps into the game.

What do you expect to see in Dark Souls 3? Would you be disappointed if it felt easier than the previous games? Let us know your thoughts below.


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