Horizon Zero Dawn Stranded Items Locations Guide

Horizon Zero Dawn Stranded Items locations guide to help you with Death Stranded Easter Egg in Horizon Zero Dawn video game.

There are three Horizon Zero Dawn Stranded Items collectibles in the game, which reference the Death Stranding game. Since both games use the same engine, the developers put these easter eggs in the game as a fun little treasure hunt. The Stranded Items are all found during main missions.

This guide will list all three locations of the HZD Stranded collectibles and the best way to find them. Once players have collected all three, they can also claim a cool reward.

Stranded Necklace

Horizon Zero Dawn Stranded Items Necklace

The first of the stranded items is located in the main story mission, The Grave-Hoard, in Horizon Zero Dawn. When players enter the underground facility where the mission occurs, they must first deal with some enemies, including Corrupted Machines.

Horizon Zero Dawn Stranded Items Necklace

Once all the enemies have been defeated, players need to go left instead of down the path leading into the bunker. This will be towards the back of the tank, where you must follow the wall. A skeleton along the wall will carry the Stranded Necklace with a purple marker.

Stranded Shackles

Horizon Zero Dawn Stranded Items Shackles

The shackles can be found in northern Sunfall during the Deep Secrets of the Earth mission. Players will need to view two Holo playbacks during this mission.

The first is of General Herrers, and the second is Elisabet Sobeck. Once players view the holovid from Elisabet, they need to follow the path to the left of the security booth from the room right next to where the holovid was.

Continuing further, players will reach a small office on their right, which they can enter. The Stranded Shackles are on a table in that room.

Stranded Figure

Horizon Zero Dawn Stranded Items Figure

This can be found during The Heart of the Nora mission, inside the Eleuthia-9 facility in the southwestern part of the map. This is the easiest collectible to find as it is located at the facility’s start.

When players first enter the bunker, they must go through the lobby and down the stairs. When they reach the base of the stairs, they need to turn around and pick up the Stranded Figure from beneath the staircase.

What to do with the Stranded Items in Hero Zero Dawn?

After obtaining all three Stranded Collectibles Items in Horizon Zero Dawn, you can exchange them for a Mysterious Box at the Meridian Mysterious Boxes merchant.

The following items are given to players by the box:

  • Special Modification Box – rare weapon or outfit modification
  • Modification Box – random weapon or outfit modification
  • Shard Gambler’s Box – metal shards
  • Warm Socks – It’s possible to sell this to merchants for 100 Metal Shards, but it’s not apparent if it has any other uses.
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