Horizon: Zero Dawn Story is Highly Enjoyable Even for Players Who Don’t Care

But Horizon: Zero Dawn is one game that will have a story that would event appeal to those who don't care, according to John Gonzalez, the writer.

Horizon: Zero Dawn is an open world action game that comes with strong gameplay and story elements. However, there is a part of the community that doesn’t really care about the story elements and just has fun playing the game and exploring.

But Horizon: Zero Dawn is one game that will have a story that would even appeal to those who don’t care, according to John Gonzalez, the writer.

When I’ve seen some people saying ‘Ah, I don’t care about the story, it’s not going to matter,’ [but] I think it is going to matter. I think there’s going to be huge amounts of enjoyment to be had for this game even for people who don’t care about the story.

People who are story junkies, for people who love collecting audio logs, text logs, people who want to have a grand narrative to their game, I think that they’re really going to be surprised and delighted by what we’ve prepared for them.

John Gonzalez was also the writer on Fallout: New Vegas. He also spoke about how he got involved with the project:

The first time that Guerrilla contacted me was in Summer 2013, I had a conversation with Game Director Mathijs De Jonge and Lead Producer Lambert Wolterbeek Muller. I was just really blown away by what they were looking to do, it’s obviously a really fresh concept. And the ambition for what they wanted to do was thrilling, I couldn’t resist.

It was the opportunity to create something really fresh. I felt incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to create one of the most loved IPs in the history of video games with Fallout, and also one of the most beloved IPs in the history of…history, you know, Lord of the Rings. But this was obviously something really fresh, it was the opportunity to create something new with a group of dedicated game developers who were incredibly excited about what they had imagined.

Horizon: Zero Dawn is coming to PlayStation 4 in 2017.

Source: GameInformer

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