Horizon Zero Dawn Shards And Mods Farming Guide

Horizon Zero Dawn Shards and Mods farming guide to help you get the best gear and purple mods without having to spend hours searching.

To become the best hunter possible in the post-apocalyptic world of Horizon Zero Dawn, players will need a lot of metal shards and mods for their gear to be able to go up against all types of enemies with ease.

While getting shards and mods isn’t really difficult as players progress through the game and find all sorts of loot in the world, however, there might be some players who want the best gear as soon as possible. That is where this Horizon Zero Dawn Shards and Mods farming guide comes in.

Horizon Zero Dawn Shards and Mods Farming

To farm metal shards, which are used as a currency in Horizon, during the early stages of the game the best method is to keep on repeating the starting few Hunter Lodge trials. As soon as players start these trials, a herd of grazers respawns in the area and can be killed very easily. Once they are dead, players can simply loot their bodies and sell everything to a nearby vendor for quick and easy shards.

As players progress and reach Meridian, the method of farming shards will change and if players adapt to the new method, they should have pretty awesome gear in no time through the amount of shards they will collect.

For that, players need to buy the Shadow Sharpshot Bow as soon as possible. Once they have the bow, they need to craft as mush Harvester Arrows as they can and then proceed to the nearest Hunting Ground to start the challenge that requires them to shoot canisters off of the back of Grazers.

Players can kill the entire heard of grazers with their spear very easily and once all the grazers are dead, they can simply shoot the canisters on their backs with the Harvester Arrows and then loot all the bodies.

Players can simply repeat this process for as long as they want and gather an insane amount of loot because of the Harvest Arrows.

These arrows actually increase the value of each canister to 6 instead of the usual one. This way, each grazer gives players around 24 canisters and each 5 minute trial run should give players around 200 canisters. Since 50 canisters sell for 200 shards, one trial run should earn the player 800 shards and repeating this process will make the players extremely rich in no time.

As for mods, specifically purple mods, to improve the player’s gear, the best farming spot early on in the game is the Scrapper site to the far west of Embrace in the beginning of the game.

There are two scrapper piles in the area and at least one of them always has a purple mod.

Players can simply loot the sites, save the game, fast travel to the nearby bonfire and then return again to the site to collect the mods again.

Once players have progressed far enough into the game and are capable of fighting Thunderjaws, these robots can also be killed for purple gear mods. Each Thunderjaw that the players kill drops at least 3 purple gear mods.

If you further want to boost the farming speed, you should invest in stealth armor. This way you can walk up to grazers and kill them faster and more easily.

Also, you may consider putting Handling mods on your Sharpshot bow to reduce the reload time. It will highly affect your killing speed and hence will boost the farming.

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