Horizon Zero Dawn PC Patch 1.01 Fixes Some Of Port’s Most Glaring Issues

Back on August 7, the PC version of Horizon Zero Dawn finally released. However, despite a fairly solid port, the game is not without significant flaws. There’s hope though, since on August 14 Guerrilla Games released the first Horizon Zero Dawn PC patch, fixing a small number of important issues for players.

In the category of crashing fixes, players should now no longer have an issue with the game crashing if the SteamUI didn’t initialize properly once you try and start up the game. Since crashing was one big issue in the game, this is definitely an important fix.

For functionality fixes, Concentration and other various slowdown mechanics should now work properly. Guerrilla is also investigating save game issues after fixing one where putting special characters in your Steam username would prevent you from saving. An issue where names with special characters would also be unable to save screenshots in photo mode has also been fixed.

The last category of fixes in the Horizon Zero Dawn PC patch include an improvement to gathering diagnostic data when a crash report is submitted, several backend issues, and a video corruption issue for specific hardware, though that part isn’t elaborated on.

Horizon Zero Dawn is a massive game with a lot to explore, and considering how popular it was when it was first released in 2017, it’s only natural that Guerrilla would want to make a good port despite the negative reaction from some players when news of the port came out.

Of course, the architecture is different between the Playstation 4 and PC, so the Horizon Zero Dawn PC patch was bound to have a number of rough patches in it even if the vast majority of the game runs very well.


Either way, the patch should be in full swing right now since it’s been four days since the patch released. If you’d found your Horizon Zero Dawn game on the PC to be intolerably buggy and were waiting for a fix, try it now.

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