Horizon Zero Dawn Parts Alone Trial Guide

A short and comprehensive guide to complete Horizon Zero Dawn Parts Alone Trial to get the Blazing Sun as a reward for Aloy.

The world of Horizon Zero Dawn is filled with hunting trials where Aloy can take part in unique challenges and earn medals. The Horizon Zero Dawn Parts Alone trial is just one of those trials available at the very first Nora Hunting Grounds.

The guide will help players not only complete the trial but also finish it with flying colors and receive the Blazing Sun reward. Each trial can be completed multiple times however the loot reward is only given once.

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Horizon Zero Dawn Parts Alone Trial

The Parts Alone trial will have players hunting down Grazers and removing 10 canisters from their backs as quickly as possible for the Blazing Sun reward.

Ideally, this trial should be attempted once players have progressed a bit into the game and acquired the Shadow Sharpshot Bow and Tearblast Arrows.

While any bow and arrow combination will work, the aforementioned ones are the best and will help players breeze through the trial with ease.

As soon as players start the trial, they should mark all the nearby Grazers from a high vantage point so tracking them is easier.

A well placed tearblast arrow is enough for one grazer and the challenge should be completed by the time players take down their third Grazer. To avoid spooking them, it is best to hide in tall grass and attack from there.

If players don’t have tearblast arrows or the mentioned bow, they should shoot the canister of each Grazer only once so they aren’t alerted.

Once all three have been shot, players should shoot the first grazer once again which will cause the herd to move to another location.

Players should follow them, hide in tall grass and repeat the process until all canisters have been destroyed.

Once players have completed the challenge, they can climb back up the cliff to talk to the quest giver and complete the Parts Alone trial. The quest giver will give players a Nora Blazing Sun reward box and 5000XP.

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