Horizon Zero Dawn Flashpoint Choices Guide

How do you want Aloy to develop by making different Flashpoint choices?

In Horizon Zero Dawn, there are times when you need to make emotional choices. These dialogue choices are called Flashpoints, and throughout the game, there are a number of scenes where you need to make these decisions.

The Following guide will tell you all about Horizon Zero Dawn Flashpoints and what choices you can make.

Do Flashpoints Matter in Horizon Zero Dawn?

Every time a Flashpoint choice presents itself, there are three options to choose from. The result of your choice will impact how the situation turns out for Aloy. You can go with Confront, Insight, or Compassion.

Depending on your choice, Aloy can go violent, deal with the situation with compassion, or think of a middle ground. Remember that these choices are strictly for RPG gameplay and not for developing a better connection with Aloy. Only a small amount of flashpoints impact the main storyline. Others will affect the development of Aloy and her relation to other characters.

The following Flashpoints and Choices relate to the game’s main story; however, you can also come across Flashpoint choices during side activities in the game.

Flashpoint Choices and their Consequences

FlashpointDescriptionChoices & Consequences
Bast Flashpoint 1The choice you will come across is near the beginning of the game when Bast hits you with a rock.Confront means hitting him back with a rock on his head. Insight will make the rock hit his hand. Compassion will make Aloy take the high road. Your choice will have an impact on your next meeting with Bast years later.
Bast Flashpoint 2The second time you meet Bast is at the ProvingConfront him and let him know that Aloy will win the contest. Select insight and tell him how he is afraid of losing to Aloy. Show compassion and tell him about your feelings of pity.
Rost FlashpointWhen Rost says goodbye to AloyConfront him and that will result in a heated debate between the two characters. Use insight to tell him that this meeting is not goodbye and you will find him wherever he is. Select compassion, where Aloy will tell him how she understands the situation at hand and she will always remember him.
Olin FlashpointYou have to search for Olin and talk to him after clearing the area. Over here you have to talk about why and who wants to kill Aloy.   Furthermore, he will talk about his family. From that point, you will be given three different choices.    Select confront to kill Olin. Select Insight and you will tell that things aren’t clear and you can hear him out further. Compassion involves letting him go and helping him save his family. Compassion or Confront decides Olin’s fate.
Avad FlashpointAfter communicating with Avad for the second time there will be a point where he will ask you to stay after which three major choices will be provided to you.Confront is being used as Ersa, to provide him with strength and not only advice. Insight is getting used as a substitute as Ersa had died and Avad finds the same capabilities in Aloy. Compassion will be for not staying and leaving straightforward. Your choice will have an impact on your next meeting with Avad.
Lansra FlashpointAfter defeating the big metal demon and talking to Varl, go and meet Lansra. Over there Lansra will try to stop Alloy from entering the hatch as she thinks Aloy is here to wake up the metal devil or her father. There you will get three choices.Confront is saying bravely that nothing can stop me.Insight involves ignoring them and walking towards the hatch.Compassion is asking Lansra to let go of her fear. Your choice will have an impact on your return from the hatch.
Resh FlashpointAt one point in Horizon Zero Dawn, you will have to ask Rest to open a gate which he will decline. From here, you will have three different choices.Confront is where Aloy threatens Resh. Insight is a kind of confrontation as Aloy tells him that he is a nobody, which is going to piss Resh off. Compassion is to call him out on discovering the memory of the dead. Your choice will have an impact on your relationship with other characters.
Helis FlashpointTaking out the cultists, Aloy then faces Helis one-on-one. Bringing him down to his knees, Aloy chooses her final words for the Terror of the Sun before finishing him off.Confront will have Aloy saying that she hopes this hurts. Compassion will have Aloy say that none of this was meant to be. Insight will have Aloy say that she does not have time for this. Whatever you choose to speak, the outcome is all the same.

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