Horizon Zero Dawn Fan Theory Confirmed By Game’s Writer

The lead writer for Horizon Zero Dawn cleared the air among the fans by confirming a widely spread fan theory about Faro's Omega clearance.

The team behind Horizon Zero Dawn is committed to making their fans aware of any detail about the game. To attend to this issue developers have gone to the extent of approving a fan theory that had been roaming around in the gaming community regarding Ted Faro. The Lead Writer for Horizon Zero Dawn took the opportunity to confirm the accurate points of the theory while disregarding the incorrect ones.

Ted Faro is considered to play a major part in Horizon Zero Dawn as he was the man behind Fato Automated Solutions. Given that it was the machines of this organization that led to the demise of society they are largely considered the initiators of the whole destruction.

Later on in the game, Faro is seen getting rid of the Alpha team which was functioning the project after taking over project Zero Dawn. Faro is only able to do so due to having security clearance level called “Omega”. This level replaces any other security level even the creator of the project, Dr. Soback herself. Even she along with the group of people working with her are betrayed by Faro’s Omega clearance in Horizon Zero Dawn.

The main issue everyone was finding difficult to digest was the backstory of how Faro got hold of such a clearance level in the first place. Horizon Zero Dawn only refers to the reason behind Omega clearance being a “back door” for Faro to override the project.

Since it was a major turning point in the game, such an unclear justification was just not enough for Horizon Zero Dawn users. Therefore as the fan theories started to come in, the most accepted one suggested that Faro either had someone design such a clearance level for him beforehand from the inside or he let the AI in the game do it for him.

Thankfully, Lead Writer, Ben McCaw participated in an online forum discussion in celebration of the Anniversary of the game to answer queries about the game. When this question expectedly popped up, Ben replied by confirming the fan theory:

“Ted had Omega clearance created for himself as a secret back door to project Zero Dawn… Just to be clear, Ted would have had his engineers create the back door… GAIA wouldn’t have done it for him!”

Now we that we know the fan theory was pretty much accurate, let’s hope the same happens with the things we expect to see from developers in Horizon Zero Dawn 2 which is reportedly coming in faster. As of now we’re aware that a board game is also in works based of the video game.

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