Horizon Zero Dawn EGX 2016 Gameplay Demo Is Just Breathtakingly Beautiful

Horizon Zero Dawn is one of the most anticipated to games scheduled to launch for PlayStation 4, and while the game is not releasing before February next year, players can’t wait to get their hands on the game. This time Guerrilla Games has revealed Horizon Zero Dawn EGX 2016 gameplay demo, which reveals some interesting details about the game.

Horizon Zero Dawn EGX 2016 gameplay demo starts with game’s protagonist, Aloy, entering a village which has been attacked by corrupted machines. The developer notes during the gameplay demo that one of the mysteries in the game is why are the machines are being corrupted.

In the gameplay, Aloy reports back to a character named Marea, who sent her on a quest to gather some information. It is clear from their conversation that both have different views about the machines and when the dialogue ends, the player receives a new side quest to complete.

The developer notes that there are several dialogue options for the player to choose, some options are for learning the lore of the world while some are to just gain information that might be useful.

Then gameplay demo showcases that Aloy is purchasing a new weapon. Here the developer notes that weapon has different ammo types which can fired with a particular weapon, also different ammo has different stats.

Horizon Zero Dawn is not the only game which was showcased at EGX 2016, as Square Enix showcased Final Fantasy XV running on PlayStation 4. The footage gives a look at game’s photo mode, UI, new environments and more.

While Horizon Zero Dawn seems to an exciting RPG and is shaping to be quite a good one, but according to devs the RPG elements in the game will not be deep. According to lead writer John Gonzalez, Horizon Zero Dawn will not be very deep, and it was a design choice so that players would not get confused.

Horizon Zero Dawn is scheduled to release on February 28, 2017 exclusively for PlayStation 4.

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