Horizon Forbidden West Tides Of Justice Walkthrough

"Tides of Justice" is the second last errand quest that you can do in Horizon Forbidden West. In this one,...

“Tides of Justice” is the second last errand quest that you can do in Horizon Forbidden West. In this one, Aloy will be tasked to track down Tenakth raiders who are trying to escape. Aloy must bring them back to their people so that the raiders can be brought to justice.

The following walkthrough will tell you how to complete the Tides of Justice errand quest in Horizon Forbidden West.

How To Unlock Tides Of Justice

This is a level 32 errand quest but since it only becomes during the late game, you are probably going to be around the same level requirement.

The second thing to note is that the Tides of Justice errand will only become available once you have finished the Wings of the Ten, the main storyline quest.

Once you meet both requirements, head to Tide’s Reach to find Cragella. She will be on the pier along the western shoreline. Speak with her to begin the errand.

How To Complete Tides Of Justice

Once you have spoken with Cragella, you will know that the Tenakth Raiders who attacked Tide’s Reach have escaped on a raft. Unfortunately, the treacherous waters do not allow Cragella and her people to pursue the raiders. That, however, is not something to stop Aloy.

Use your Sunwing mount to fly over the ocean in pursuit of the Tenakth Raiders. You will soon spot a small island with wreckage on its coastline. It appears that the raiders couldn’t get far.

Land on the island to investigate the wreckage and you will find a lone Tenakth Raider survivor. Speak with her to know that the rest of the raiders are taking refuge in a tower to the west.

Use your Sungwing mount again to fly towards the tower, which is west of Legacy’s Landfall. You will know you have the right location when you see a fire from above.

There will be three Raiders here who Aloy must defeat. Be particularly watchful of the raider wielding a heavy weapon because he can stun you, leaving the other raiders to cut you down to size.

The errand will be complete once you have defeated all three of the Tenakth Raiders.

Tides Of Justice Errand Quest Rewards

When you complete the errand, you will get rewards which will include XP worth 6500 and a single Skill Point.

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