Horizon Forbidden West The Valley Of The Fallen Walkthrough

"The Valley of the Fallen" is another side quest in Horizon Forbidden West where Aloy must investigate the sudden rise...

“The Valley of the Fallen” is another side quest in Horizon Forbidden West where Aloy must investigate the sudden rise of the machines in the titular Valley of the Fallen. She must also put an end to the machines because they are endangering the Lowland Clan in the area.

The following walkthrough will guide you through the side quest so that you can earn your free weapon reward as quickly as possible.

How To Unlock The Valley Of The Fallen

The Valley of the Fallen side quest starts right after you’ve completed The Kulrut main quest.

Simply talk to Nakko at Fall’s Edge to start the quest and once you’ve delivered the Aether to Gaia, you’ll complete the main quest to unlock the Valley of the Fallen side quest.

However, you should keep in mind that you’ll face enemies with higher stat during this quest. Therefore, you must reach at least level 28 to be capable of withstanding the damage during a fight against these monsters.

How To Complete The Valley of the Fallen

The Valley of the Fallen is one of the longest side quests in Horizon Forbidden West. There are several objectives to complete and some of the toughest machines to beat.

Make your way to the entrance of the Valley to speak with Ivvira. She can be found south of the Fall’s Edge with Kenalla, one of the survivors. Talk to her to learn more about how the machines took over the Valley. Unfortunately, Ivvira is unable to visit the place herself therefore, you’ll volunteer to into the Valley and look into the strange happening yourself.

Head up the cliff using the grapple point left from the ladder. Once you’ve scaled the cliff, cross the series of logs and jump atop the ledge and keep jumping onto the wooden poles till you reach the two bridges to cross.

Cross the bridges and follow the trail to find a dead-end ahead. Use your grappling point to head up the platform above and jump the space between the wooden bridge. Go to the far end side where you’ll come across a waterfall.

Follow the trail downwards to come across the corpse of Daxx and a damaged machine. Head further down to find Zenith Base. Head left from the base to encounter Scorcher and the Longleg near the waterfall, but this time these machines are alive and are ready for a fight.

To kill Scorcher, aim at its Power Generator which you can find on its rump. To deal the most damage, use Frost arrows to its weak parts till it collapses to the ground.

Next up is the Longleg, who is vulnerable to Shock damage. Therefore, the best way to deal damage to this machine is by using shock arrows to its Concussion Sac on the chest and damage the machine to death.

The first lure is found above the waterfall. Simply go up the path on the left to reach it. As you over-ride the lure, you’ll receive a text from “the Julius”.

Next up, you’ll be going south of the horus. Therefore, head down the path to the left and climb the cliff at the end. Head down the cliff and got to the left to find the valley below.

This is where you’ll find three machines: Skydrifter, Thunderjaw, and the Tremortusk who are guarding the next lure.

To kill Skydrifter, use Frost damage on its boosters that are located on its sides, Sparkers on its tail that can be damaged using Shock damage. Also, the use of Arrows and Blastslings will be the best option against its tail attacks and dives.

Thunderjaw has several parts that you can target. Start off by aiming at the Rapidfire Cannon located at the sides of its head. Next is the heart located at the center and the Disc Launcher on its back that can be damaged using Purgewater and Acid damage. The Glowblast Canisters on its sides can be damaged using Plasma damage. Keep attacking these parts while keeping a safe distance from the machine to kill it.

Probably the hardest machine out of the three. Although there aren’t many components to damage Tremortusk, there still are enough to kill it with the use of Blastsling, Spike Thrower.

The most noticeable parts are Plasma Cannon near the machine’s face and Shock Cannon on its back that can be detached when damaged. There are Blaze Sac and an Amplifying Sac under its stomach area that will explode when damaged.

Those aren’t the only explosive parts Tremortusk is equipped with as there are Sparkers that explode when you use Shock ammo. Keep attacking these parts and within no time, you’ll kill the machine.

Once all machines are defeated, you can now override the second lure and receive another text to find the location of the third lure to override.

Head left from the second lure and climb the cliff to the top using your grapple point. Follow the trail till you come across the Spikesnouts and the Redeye Watchers.

You can kill Spikesnouts using Plasma attacks to its weak components such as: Amplifying Sac, Damage Dampener Sac, Stamina Drain Sac, and Resource Container.

For Redeye Watchers, you must use Frost damage to its eyes to kill it within minutes. Once the machines are defeated, head up to the left and talk to Yivekka, a Tenakth survivor near the ledge. Then wait till Ivvira shows up.

At this point, you’ll be facing Specters to acquire the third lure. To defeat them, you must use Acid and Plasma damage to their components. Following are all the components and weapons used by these machines:

  • Pulse Cannon: Located atop the machine. Use Tera damage to detach it.
  • Shock Unit: Located around the head. Remove the Nano Plate and destroy it.
  • Resource Repository: Found in several parts of the machine and will be damaged as you remove the Nano plate.
  • Regeneration Unit: Located on the chest. Detach it to deactivate it.
  • Vector Thruster Located on the back. Use Tear damage to detach it.
  • Control Nexus: located at the lower body, use Plasma damage to deal damage.

Once the Specters are defeated, you can override the last Lure and listen to an audio clip. Once that’s over, talk to Ivvira.

The Valley Of The Fallen Side Quest Rewards

Completing The Valley of the Fallen Side Quest will reward you with 9100 XP, 2 Skill Points, and 1 Skystrike Boltcaster.





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