Horizon Forbidden West The Oldgrowth Errand Walkthrough

In Horizon Forbidden West, errand quests are a type of side quests that follow their own mini-stories and give XP,...

In Horizon Forbidden West, errand quests are a type of side quests that follow their own mini-stories and give XP, Skill points, and other items as rewards. Errands differ from side quests in such a way that errands are given out by NPCs who need your help to gather resources or find an item.

Errands are not as long as side quests and also not as rewarding as them as well. The Oldgrowth is an Errand quest in Horizon Forbidden West in which Aloy will have to take down a Clawstrider that has been frightening people in the forest.

In this guide, we have the complete Horizon Forbidden West The Oldgrowth Errand Walkthrough for you.

How To Unlock The Oldgrowth Errand Quest

The Oldgrowth errand quest is unlocked by talking to Shael who is located in Plainsong.

When you arrive in Plainsong, you will hear two women talking about the food shortage in the area. Talk to Shael to start a dialogue.

After the dialogue ends, Aloy can either go and talk to Ven (optional) or make her way to the forest to take down the Clawstrider.

How To Complete The Oldgrowth Errand Quest

If you want, you can go and talk to Ven in the village, who will tell you about what happened to him when they came across the Clawstrider. Now for the main objective, make your way to the Oldgrowth forest, located in the north of Plainsong.

Once in Oldgrowth, you will come across a few Apex Burrower and Scrapper enemies. Take them down and then follow Clawstrider’s track all around the area. The tracks can be highlighted using your focus. Following these tracks, you will come across multiple hunters. Take them down and search them for any clues as well.

When you take down the third hunter, you will see a rock having a sticky residue. Inspect this clue and follow the new trail, which will take you to a cliff. Climb the cliff and keep following the trail. The trail will eventually lead you to a cave entrance, guarded by Skydrifters.

Take down the Skydrifters and then head inside the cave to find Lao, who is Ven’s friend who had gone missing during their excursion against Clawstrider.

Lao will take you to Apex Clawstrider’s location and you will have to take him down with his help. It will be weak to Shock damage but will be highly resistant to plasma and acid damage.

Make sure to use shock attacks at him to take him down.

Oldgrowth Errand Quest Rewards

Once you defeat the Apex Clawstrider, speak to Lao, who will thank you for saving him and will give you the Adhesive Blastsling as a reward.

Make your way back to Plainsong and talk to Ven, giving her all the updates and handing over the seeds you collected as well. This will be the end of the Oldgrowth Errand Quest.

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