Horizon Forbidden West: Kill Or Spare Regalla?

If you are confused about whether you should choose to kill or spare Regalla in Horizon Forbidden West, we've prepared...

If you are confused about whether you should choose to kill or spare Regalla in Horizon Forbidden West, we’ve prepared this guide where we’ll show you exactly what happens as a result of each choice.

Should You Kill Or Spare Regalla in Horizon Forbidden West?

Regalla is one of Horizon Forbidden West’s major villains you’ll encounter early on in the game. At first, it’ll seem like Regalla is the main villain of the story, but you’ll have to deal with much bigger threats later on in the game.

Regalla is the leader of the Tenakth rebels. She’s a ruthless killer who does not spare anyone who dares disobey her.

Later on in the story of Horizon Forbidden West, during the “Wings of the Ten” quest, Regalla will end up kneeling before Aloy after being defeated in battle.

Aloy will be presented with two options in this moment: kill or spare Regalla. This decision is arguably the most important decision you’ll make in HFW, as it has some real consequences on the story’s narrative.

What Happens If You Kill Regalla?

If you select the “Your life ends here” option, Kotallo will push his spear through Regalla’s stomach, instantly killing her.

After that, Aloy will be given a Sharpshot Bow by Hekkaro named “Regalla’s Wrath.” This bow is one of the best bows in the game, and this is the only way to obtain it. It will help you out a lot during the end-game content.

And Since Regalla’s dead now, she will not appear in any subsequent sequences in the game, including the final battle.

What Happens If You Spare Regalla?

If you select the “There’s another battle ahead” option, Aloy will spare Regalla’s life only if she agrees to join Aloy’s fight against the Far Zeniths.

Unfortunately, selecting this option will not reward you with any kind of weapon. However, since Regalla’s life will be spared, you’ll be able to talk to her during the Singularity main story mission, where she’ll help Aloy fight through the Far Zenith base. And during this battle, she will die fighting alongside Aloy.

The Best Outcome

Killing Regalla will grant you Regalla’s Wrath; which is probably one of the rarest Bows in Horizon Forbidden West, dealing long-ranged attacks with ease that tear through the enemies even from distant locations.

However, out of the two options, we would recommend going for the second option and that is to “Spare Regalla” as this will elevate the already tragic backstory of the character and the ending will be more satisfying. Plus, you will eventually end up finding a better Sharpshot bow.