Horizon Forbidden West Rebel Camps Locations Guide

This guide will go through all the Horizon Forbidden West Rebel Camps Locations and help you clear them out.

Rebel Camps in Horizon Forbidden West are a quick way to get some good loot and XP if you are up for the challenge. This guide will go through all the Horizon Forbidden West Rebel Camps Locations and help you clear them out.

Horizon Forbidden West Rebel Camps Locations

There are a total of SIX Rebel Camps in Horizon Forbidden West, each controlled by different leaders. They are a menace to society and threaten the people of the nearby communities.

Your mission is to go through every Rebel Camp and take care of their leaders to get rid of them from the entire map.

Eastern Lie Rebel Camp

Horizon Forbidden West Rebel Camps Locations

The first Rebel Camp is located in Hollowrock, between Barren Light and Plainsong. As you reach the location, you won’t be able to the camp as the main entrance will automatically get locked upon your arrival. To head inside, you have to take the long route and that is by heading around the hills and entering the camp from the right side.

Once you’re inside, meet with the camp leader on the northwest side of the camp, climb onto the rocks and defeat him. Once he has been defeated, look for more clues in the area marked in purple as you start scanning.

Lastly, blow up the Blaze Canisters in the camp to stop them from executing their evil plans.

The Hive Rebel Camp

The next Rebel Camp is called The Hive, located southeast of the Scalding Spear. Upon entering the camp, scan for 4 piles of weapon caches marked in yellow.

The first one is found at the bottom of the building in the middle of the camp, straight from the main entrance. The second pile is found in the same central building area, just head left from the main entrance to find it at the bottom of the building.

The third pile is found by the camp’s fast travel point near a weapon rack. Lastly, for the fourth pile of weapon cache, shoot the yellow ladder’s red lock at the campfire fast travel and head up to turn right below a weapon rack to find it.

While searching for the last cache, you’ll also come across the camp leader, you’ll have to do the same method as the previous camp, defeat the leader and destroy their shipment of weapons by shooting the blaze barrels with an arrow.

Devil’s Grasp Rebel Camp

Horizon Forbidden West Rebel Camps Locations

You will find the third rebel camp southwest of Relic Ruins: The Stillsands. As you enter the camp, you’ll find “Override Equipment” on the west side to destroy.

Once destroyed, head to the southern section of the camp where you’ll jump down into a bit with a few enemies accompanied by a camp leader. Get rid of the camp leader and loot him to find more clues in the area.

Fenrise Rebel Camp

You will find this camp just to the west of the previous Rebel Camp. Once the area has been entered, look for the camp leader in the south section of the camp and defeat him to scan for clues.

The camp will be originally Tenakth’s, which the Rebels took over. Clear the rebels from the north side of camp, and Tenakths will take it back from them after they have been disposed of.

In the end, talk to the Squad leader to end complete the exploration of the camp.

Breached Rock Rebel Camp

The next Rebel Camp is west of Scalding Spear and southeast of The Bulwark. This camp is unique as compared to other Rebel Camps. When you enter the camp, you will find a heavy armor enemy wielding a blue energy shield whom you need to defeat.

Once you have defeated him, loot the key of the bunker from his body and drop down to the pit from the central camp, and into the ruins at the back of a bunch of barricades to enter the bunker there. Inside the bunker will be more armored enemies along with the camp leader that you need to kill.

After defeating them, investigate the bunker for more clues about the Rebels. In the end, blow up the bunker by activating the console and get teleported out of the camp.

First Forge Rebel Camp

The final Rebel Camp will be a part of a side quest, which will unlock after you have completed the previous five Rebel Camps. To start, meet with Erend, who will tell you the location of the final camp.

Head to the location marked on the map with Erend and defeat every enemy in the camp. After that, open the gate of the next area where you will find Asera. Asera is the main leader of the Rebels and is the final boss that you need to defeat.

You will need to chase after her and defeat the two Clawstriders before facing her. Then, take her on and eliminate her to finish the side quest.

Rebel Camp Rewards

Bronze Trophy
You receive a bronze trophy as a reward for completing the first Rebel camp in Horizon Forbidden West.

The Sun Scourge Legendary Bow
Upon completing all six Rebel camps in Horizon Forbidden West, you’ll get rewarded with the Sun Scourge. Just ensure that you loot Asera’s body to get The Sun Scourge Legendary Bow from her.