Horizon Forbidden West Nights of Lights Errand Walkthrough

The following walkthrough lends a helping hand in completing the Horizon Forbidden West Nights of Lights quest which players will receive from Stemmur.

The Nights of Lights is basically an errand quest that you will get from Stemmur in Horizon Forbidden West. There are quite a few technicalities in this quest such as Door Code. But don’t worry, we’ll get you through this.

In this particular Horizon Forbidden West Nights of Lights Errand walkthrough, we will guide you about the door code, the strategies to complete this quest, where to go, who to talk to and how to take down the enemies that will come in your way.

How to Unlock Nights of Lights Errand

Return to Dunehollow after completing the Sea of Sands quest to meet Stemmur. He will have the Nights of Lights errand for you, which you can start immediately.

After finishing up with Stemmur, use the elevator to go down into the ruins. Continue to find your way to reach the underground buildings while dealing with a lot of machines.

It’s up to you to either fight them or sneak across towards the southeast building with lights in the front. Climb up the second landing to enter this building.

How To Complete Nights Of Lights Errand in Horizon Forbidden West

Now the next step is to find the code. Inside the building, look for a door that has a red-colored lock. This door will have a hologram on its front.

Find the Nights of Lights Door Code

To find the first part of the code, use your Pullcaster after entering the room through the door. It will take you to the second floor.

On the second floor, there will be a few cages there. To find the first part of the code, look towards the first cage carefully.

You’ll see some stairs there. These stairs will take you to the Data Point. Scan the data point and you’ll get the first half of the code.

If you enter through the broken part of the fence where the data point is located, you’ll see another closed area adjacent to where you exit.

Pull the box on the top with your Pullcaster towards the right of the fenced area. Pull this box from the side of the fence. After this box, pull another box from the top using your Pullcaster.

After both boxes have been placed on the ground, search for a platform to ascend quickly. Push one of the boxes up this platform, then bring the other box to the platform’s base.

To stack them, put the box on top of the first platform onto the second, and then push the stack towards the last fenced-off region.

Before going to the top, you’ll see a break in the fence to the side where you may use your Pullcaster to pull the box on the other side of the ground, then climb the stack to enter the fenced-off region.

You’ll see a vent inside the enclosed area that you can open with your Pullcaster. As you go through the vents, you will eventually go outside. Open the wall to your right using your Pullcaster, and the second half of the code can be found on top of a table within.

The complete Nights of Lights code will be 739135. Enter both halves of the code using the keypad on the closed door and press the button.

Collect the Ornament from the table and return it to Stemmur to complete the Nights of Lights errand quest in HFW.

Nights of Lights Errand Rewards

By the completion of this quest, you will be rewarded with 3670XP and 1x Skill Point.

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