Horizon Forbidden West Lost Supplies Contract Guide

For the Lost Supplies Contract, Aloy will be asked to find and recover food rations that got buried somewhere in...

For the Lost Supplies Contract, Aloy will be asked to find and recover food rations that got buried somewhere in the desert. The following Horizon Forbidden West Lost Supplies Contract walkthrough will help players complete that task.

How to Complete the Lost Supplies Contract in Horizon Forbidden West

Keruf’s salvager Runda, found at the salvage camp in the Stillsands, will give you the Lost Supplies contract in HFW to find buried supplies in the desert.

Once you’ve obtained the contract, proceed to the east. There are two Bristleback Sites there. In order to find the lost supplies, you must override one of the Bristlebacks.

This is a really simple task. All you need is to use the tall grass as your cover, and when you see an opening take your chance and override a Bristleback.

Three areas will be marked on the map once you hoop on the Bristleback. You’ll have to go to each area and look for rations. However, keep in mind that you will come across hostile machines in these areas.

Lost Supplies Ration Locations

So, first and foremost, you must clear the area of all machines before beginning your search for the rations. In order to find the rations, you will travel to the ruins’ northern, southern, and central areas.

Northern Ruins

First and foremost, proceed to the northern part of the ruins on Bristleback. When you arrive at the location, you will be attacked by a couple of hostile machines. Stay on the Bristleback and maintain a safe distance.

When you see an opportunity, get off Bristleback and hide in the grass. Regardless, the machines will attack you. Retaliate! Take the machines out. It is a simple task!

After you’ve dealt with the machines, explore the area, and eventually, the Bristleback will find the rations you’re looking for.

Center Ruins

Next, proceed to the ruins’ central area. This is a relatively peaceful location, and you are unlikely to come across any machines. Nonetheless, remain vigilant.

When you arrive in the area, dismount Bristleback and look around for rations. The Bristleback will dig them up once more. Grab them and proceed to the next location.

Southern Ruins

When you’ve completed the previous two locations, proceed to the southern ruins on Bristleback. You’ll notice a large ruined structure, head to its center. Here you will be attacked by both machines and humans.

It is best to arrive prepared. We recommend using a ranged weapon, such as a bow, because the enemies will be at the elevation and you will be on the ground.

The enemies are not difficult to deal with. All you need is a little patience and to wait for the right moment to strike. When the enemies peak and are about to launch an attack, take advantage of the situation and dispatch them.

Once all enemies are down, look for the rations. Here for the third time, the Bristleback will dig up the rations.

Now that you’ve gathered all three rations, return to the campfire and give them to Runda. You will receive 1 Apex Bellowback Heart and 75 Metal Shards as a reward.

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