Horizon Forbidden West In Bloom Errand Walkthrough

In Bloom is one of the many errand quests that you can complete in Horizon Forbidden West for additional level-ups,...

In Bloom is one of the many errand quests that you can complete in Horizon Forbidden West for additional level-ups, skill points, and unique rewards.

Here, Aloy will need to complete a set of tasks for an elderly Tenakth woman while defeating any machines in the way.

The following guide will explain how to unlock and complete the In Bloom errand quest in Horizon Forbidden West.

How To Unlock In Bloom

There are two types of Errand Quests in HFW. The first one is assigned by getting into a settlement and then getting to the bright green exclamation sign on the map.

The second one is the Errand Quest which is assigned by listening to a rumor. The rumor errand quests are assigned by getting to the bright green exclamation sign inside of a bright green circle.

In Bloom falls into the second category. Hence, you will unlock the errand quest by hearing its rumor at either Scaling Spear or The Base.

How To Complete In Bloom

After hearing the rumor, Aloy travels to the south of Scaling Spear at the point near Tallneck at the Shining Wastes. There, Aloy gets meets a Tenakth Woman and her granddaughter. There is a cutscene that ends with Aloy offering the woman to take Scarletstems at Plainsong to Nilo on her behalf.

After that, the first thing that you need to do is to look for Scarletstems in the area. It is a flower that is found in the area and may require you to avoid some machines in the area. If you don’t take a fight with the machines, they will also not attack you. After collecting the flowers, use the nearby campfire to fast travel to Plainsong.

After getting to Plainsong, Aloy finds that there Nilo is gone from there and there’s a man who’s much younger than Nilo. He tells Aloy that Nilo has traveled to Riverhymn and must be still there.

This urges Aloy to travel north to Riverhymn. There she has to look for Nilo. After getting to the Memorial Grave there, Aloy hears someone calling Nilo’s name. Aloy gets closer and finds out that Nilo has passed and there’s a young woman who is Nilo’s daughter “jia”. Aloy gives the Scarletstems and Jia gets surprised as the flowers were Nilo’s favorite.

After getting the truth, Aloy travels back to Darikka and tells her the news. Darikka is saddened to hear that but also feels happy of the fact that he always missed her.

In Bloom Errand Quest Rewards

The reward of the quest is 3600 XP and +1 Skillpoint.

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