Horizon Forbidden West First To Fly Walkthrough

"First to Fly" is an errand in Horizon Forbidden West that tasks Aloy to find all the armor pieces of...

“First to Fly” is an errand in Horizon Forbidden West that tasks Aloy to find all the armor pieces of Ferrika, a fallen soldier of the Sky Clan.

She was carried off into the mountains by a ferocious Stormbird. Retireving Ferrika’s Armor is how the Sky Clan intends to remember her legacy.

The following walkthrough will help you locate all Ferrika’s Armor pieces in Horizon Forbidden West.

How To Unlock First To Fly

Head to the Bulkwark settlement which lies on the northwest face of the Sheerside Mountains. Serivva of the Sky Clan here will be the one to give you the First to Fly errand.

However, note that his errand will only become available after you have completed the Wings of the Ten main quest in Horizon Forbidden West.

You must also be around level 32 for this errand.

How To Complete First To Fly

After the interaction with Serivva ends, make your way north of the Stone Crest. There, call the Sunwing mount to get to the top of the mountain. You have to reach the location marked in yellow on the map below.

Find Ferrika’s Armor Pieces

After you reach the top of the mountain, your next objective will be to find the missing pieces of Ferrika’s armor using Focus. You have to find Ferrika’s Greaves, Bracers, Breastplate, and mask.

  • Ferrika’s Greaves can be found near the mountain’s edge, in the southwest part of the search area.
  • Ferrika’s Bracers can be found after you have defeated the Stormbird.
  • Ferrika’s Breastplate can be found near the huge boulders in the middle of the search area.
  • Ferrika’s Mask can be found on a large rock towards the middle of the landing, closer to the western side.

First To Fly Errand Rewards

Once you have collected all four pieces of Ferrika’s armor, get back to the Bulwark to Serivva and Kettah and return those armor pieces.

They won’t take back those pieces. Instead, they will ask you to repair Ferrika’s Armor. You can do that on the workbench nearby, and now that Tenakth Sky Climber armor will be yours.

Apart from the Tenakth Sky Climber Armor, you will also get 6500 XP and +1 Skill Point and a reward for completing the First to Fly errand.

In addition, Tenakth Sky Climber armor grants increased concentration and consumable potency.

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