Horizon Forbidden West Cauldron Mu Walkthrough

Cauldrons should be collected as a priority since they allow Aloy to override new machines. This guide will brief you...

Cauldrons should be collected as a priority since they allow Aloy to override new machines. This guide will brief you on Cauldron: Mu in Horizon Forbidden West.

Where to Find Cauldron: Mu in Horizon Forbidden West

Cauldron Mu in Horizon Forbidden West is an extensive dungeon that’s unsurprisingly filled with machines to combat and mysteries to unravel. You’ll be able to override new machines, and as always, the more machines you have, the more influence you’ll have in the universe of Horizon Forbidden West.

Cauldron Mu in HFW is found northwest of Stone’s Edge. The exact location is marked on the map below for your convenience.

When you arrive, you’ll notice that the entrance to the Cauldron is blocked by Scroungers and Leaplashers. So, in order to get inside, you must first remove them.

Once they’ve been dealt with, proceed to the entrance and override the door. When you walk through the door, you’ll notice two vents on either side. Ride either one to the top, the Cauldron’s main entrance.

Recommended Level
The Cauldron Mu is best explored at level 18. It is also recommended to use weapons that deal Acid, Shock, Purgewater Elemental, and Tear damage.

The main quest, “The Embassy,” is required to access the area beyond The Daunt, where Cauldron Mu is located. Hence it is a prerequisite to access Cauldron Mu.

How to Complete Cauldron: Mu in Horizon Forbidden West?

To complete Cauldron Mu in HFW, defeat the Widemaws Machine and override the core. Read on to learn how to complete this cauldron.

The Zipline
Go through the corridor from the entrance; a zipline (cable) will be ahead of you. Grab ahold of it and ride down. This will be a series of three cables, and Aloy will drop and grab the next one automatically.

Drop down to the platform below when you reach the end of the final zipline (cable). Here you’ll face two Burrowers. Take them out; it’s a fairly simple task. Once the Burrowers are dealt with, override the Network Uplink to the right.

This will cause a bridge to extend, allowing you to move forward in the Cauldron.

The Metal Carriers
After crossing the bridge, you’ll see a glowing yellow door in front of you. Pass through it and take the first right up the ramp. Turn right again, directly into the glowing entrance, and bypass the Cauldron door.

Go to your left in the room and use the grapple point to get to the higher platform. Now head to the edge of the platform, and look for two Scroungers on the far platform. Dispatch them and return to the point where you first landed.

From there, jump down on the metal carriers and ride them to the far platform. Override the Network Uplink there to lower the energy shield and move on to the next room.

Drop down the platform to the left to find vents that will assist you in climbing to the platform above. Proceed with caution, as these vents are timed, and you may fall off.

Once on the platform, turn left and climb the yellow handholds to the platform on the right. There, turn left and enter through the door on the right.

Afterward, proceed down the ramp to the left along the glowing beam and jump to cross the gap. Moving on, go up the ramp to the left.

The Mechanical Arms
By this point, you’ll have arrived at a location of the mechanical arms at work. Follow the glowing path to the right and gently jump onto the arm as it approaches.

As you walk along the arm, you’ll notice another glowing handhold. Wait for the arm to get close to the handhold, then jump onto it.

The Shellstalker
Moving on, turn right, drop down, and turn right again to bypass the Cauldron door. There will be a Shellstalker in the area, but you don’t have to engage with him. The mist from the vent will keep you undercover.

Continue on by staying to the left and following the vents, then ascending the ramp to the left. To get to the platform above you, turn right and jump onto the yellow handhold. Afterward, go to the right to override the network uplink.

This will extend a bridge, cross it, and continue forward until you reach a yellow beam and jump onto the mechanical arm. Dropdown when the arm below you is within safe jumping distance.

Now, make your way to the vents on your left. After that, turn right and climb up the platform using the yellow handholds. Follow the yellow path to reach another metal carrier.

Ride the carrier to the next set of mechanical arms, then strike the energy shield. Afterward, jump down on the platform to the left.

The Mechanical Arms and Metal Carrier
Follow the yellow path on the platform and jump to the arm in front of you. Cross it and then jump down to the arm below. Repeat the procedure, move across it and drop down to the next one.

Eventually, you’ll catch sight of a metal carrier. You must now proceed to the metal carrier. Wait until the carrier is directly beneath you and leap onto it.

The Core
Ride the carrier to reach the next platform. Go left on the platform and follow the yellow path. You’ll eventually reach a door, override it to enter the core room, and rappel down.

Wait! Don’t rush. A Widemaws Machine will intervene if you attempt to override the core. So, get rid of it before moving on to the core.

Widemaws Machine
The Widemaws Machine can inflict heavy melee damage, knockback, and stun. It also has the lethal Purgewater and Shock attacks at its disposal.

Don’t be overwhelmed! Mobility is the simple trick to outperform this machine. You’ll be fine as long as you keep moving. Also, use the surroundings to your advantage.

There are plenty of places to crouch behind and plenty of room to run away from the approaching attack. That is all about defense.

To begin the offense, use the Purgewater Sac to your advantage and target weak points such as the Vacuum Turbine and Vacuum Unit. Deal enough damage over time, and you’ll come out on top.

Now with the Widemaws out of the way, you can override the Core. Exit the Cauldron once you’ve completed all of the aforementioned tasks. This marks the end of Cauldron MU.

Cauldron MU Overrides & Rewards

Cauldron MU includes a number of overrides. Following the completion of Cauldron MU, Alloy will have access to the following overrides.

  • Scroungers
  • Burrowers
  • Grazers
  • Scrappers
  • Fanghorns
  • Corrupted Override: Widemaws

In addition to the override unlocks, you’ll receive the following rewards.

  • 8,000 XP
  • 3 Skill Points
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