Horizon Forbidden West Blood For Blood Walkthrough

"Blood for Blood" is another side quest in Horizon Forbidden West that you can complete for bonus rewards and experience...

“Blood for Blood” is another side quest in Horizon Forbidden West that you can complete for bonus rewards and experience points. Here, Aloy will have to bring back the grandson of Dekka after the events of The Kulrut quest.

The following walkthrough will detail the Blood for Blood side quest in Horizon Forbidden West.

How To Unlock Blood For Blood

Blood for Blood is a mid-game side quest and is available to players after getting done with the main quest, The Kulrut. After getting the Sky Clan’s challengers on their way, The Kulrut will be started by Chief Hekarro. The competition needs to be a success for Aloy to get access to Aether.

How To Complete Blood For Blood

The quest is about bringing back the grandson of Dekka who has joined the Regalla’s Rebels. The recommended level for this side quest is 19.

After getting done with the main quest: The Kulrut, the Tenekath will be seen celebrating the defeat of Ragalla’s Rebels but Chaplain Dekka is worried about her grandson and asks Aloy to help her bring her grandson back home.

Dekka suggests finding a Tenekath warrior who was taken prisoner by the Kavvoh. Aloy can either go with Dekka right there or meet her at the Hillcrest. If you choose to go at the spot, Dekka will take you to the Hillcrest.

Hillcrest is at the south of Arena and Memorial Grave. Aloy and Dekka enter the Rebel Outpost at the same time and Aloy has the circumstances that are best for her to kill the rebels with no sound and without exposing herself while Dekka is assisting her.

After getting done with the rebels, look for the prisoner whose name is Nakalla. To find him, look for a wooden outpost in the area. When found, you’ll notice that the post is empty and Nakalla is not there. Use focus to highlight the footsteps of Nakalla that will lead you to a hidden hath under a piece of wood. Nakalla is under it and is to be rescued by removing it.

The prisoner Nakalla tells that Dekka’s grandson has moved to Fall’s Edge which is a Tenakh settlement to the southwest of the Rebe outpost. Continue there and you’ll meet Dekka there.

After getting to the Fall’s Edge, you’ll get to know that Kavooh has been taken prisoner by the Tenakth and is waiting for a trial by combat. After chatting with Kavooh in his cage, he tells Aloy that he came here to warn the Tenakth about an attack but the leader is not believing him.

This can only be proved by taking Kavooh with Aloy for which Dekka invokes Blood for Blood. Aloy agrees to meet Kavooh and the leader Arrokeh at a rebel campfire to the north of Fall’s Edge.

To her surprise, Aloy is ambushed by rebels at the campfire. After defeating the rebels, Kavooh also gets there and Aloy suspects him of lying to him that he denies and pledges his innocence.

After that, they all travel to the Rebel camp nearby and after getting there, they realize that they are truly planning to attack Fall’s Edge. They need to kill the Behemoth alongside all the rebel soldiers to prevent the attack.

Behemoths fall into the category of Heavyweight Transport Machines and are weak to Fire and Acid damage. They are stronger against Frost and Shock damage. Find the weak points and target them to eliminate the machine. Try to stay at a distance from the machine as it throws stones at you.

Return to talk to Kavvoh and Arrokeh after the soldiers and the Behemoth are taken care of. Arrokeh will say gratitude and you’ll then make sure that you’ve looted all the caches before getting back to Fall’s Edge.

Blood For Blood Side Quest Rewards

After getting to Fall’s Edge, Dekka will meet her grandson and will be thankful to you. You’ll be rewarded with some items and a Perimeter Tripcaster. Besides this, below are all the rewards that you’ll get after completing the quest.

  • 5700 XP
  • +2 Skill Points
  • 1 Tenakth Face Paint
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