Horizon Forbidden West Best Weapons Guide

The following guide lists some of the best weapons in Horizon Forbidden West which players should be aware of.

Aloy will need the best weapons possible to uncover the truth behind her post-apocalyptic world. The following guide lists some of the best weapons in Horizon Forbidden West that players should be aware of.

Horizon Forbidden West Best Weapons

Horizon Forbidden West features a massive arsenal with new inclusions as well returning weapons from Horizon Zero Dawn. The weapons are designed to vary based on gameplay preference with some even featuring custom attacks and special moves.

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Best Early Game Weapons

It can be tough to decide which weapon is the best in the game, but the list below comes pretty close.

At the start of the game, you’ll need to purchase weapons from Arena vendors for Hunting Medals. Here is a list of weapons that will be useful for taking out enemies early in the game.

Fire Hunter Bow

Fire hunter bow is the best hunter-bow you can use early on in the game. It is a must-have weapon because it can inflict heavy damage to the enemies using Fire Hunter and Acid Hunter Arrows while also being relatively inexpensive. You can get this bow in Chainscrape after you have the merchants unlocked.

Prototype Spike Thrower

In the early stages of the game, it is the best weapon for hard-hitting. You can use this weapon to completely rip off enemies’ armors, exposing the weak spots beneath.

One thing to keep in mind is that when dealing damage, be careful not to destroy the machine part you need to collect (loot).

Hardweave Sharpshot Bow

The weapon can be bought with 549 Metal Shards and a Grazer Circulator. This weapon is great if you have got stealth, good range, and critical hit with the arrows. The weapon can be used to kill numerous weak enemies with a single shot and can put a show in front of strong enemies.

Best Mid-Game Weapons

Mid-game weapons are a bit easy to choose. You can get the weapons in the mid-game time from an Arena Vendor that will give you weapons in exchange for Hunting Medals.

You need to get the Hunting Medals and get to the Vendor Arena with a list of the following weapons in mind.

Marshal Hunter Bow

Marshal Hunter bow is a rare hunter bow that comes with Advanced Hunter Arrows, Targeting Hunter Arrows, and Berserk Hunter Arrows. It takes 84 Arena Medals to unlock.

Marshal Hunter Bow has exceptional tear stats that synchronize with Advanced Hunter Arrows to considerably boost attacks. As a result, Marshal Hunter Bow can tear off armors in seconds.

Warden Sharpshot Bow

One of the important bows that are very effective while taking shots from range. It can be bought for 54 medals and once gets fully upgraded, it unlocks the ability to overdraw bonus and has an increased critical hit chance.

It has the ability to take down weaker enemies with a single shot and can be a nightmare for stronger enemies.

Glowblast Spike Thrower

This can be purchased after spending 54 medals at the Vendor Arena. This is an upgraded version of Prototype Spike Thrower.

The main attack of the weapon is a spear with high damaging plasma. After the spear attack, the meter is filled by making use of explosive spikes.

The plasma and explosive attacks combined are so dangerous that they can even take the strongest enemies in the game.

Rampart Blastsling

You can take this weapon as a secondary one as, by this point of the game, you’ll be equipped with a Blastsling already. If you’ve made up your mind about getting it, you can get it for 54 medals.
It has a volley attack and a dual explosive/ice attack that first slows the enemy and then can take out the armor of enemies with ease.

Relentless Boltcaster

It can be purchased from the Arena Vendor for an exchange of 54 medals. It also consumes highly explosive ammo and performs very well when used with a Skill Tree unlocked. The skill Tree enables you to fire a whole clip of Boltcaster in a single shot.

Best Late-Game Weapons

In the late game sections, you’ll have to compete in arena battles since they can reward you with a lot of loot, and you’ll need this loot to buy weapons for the endgame. To acquire some of the strongest end-game weaponry, you must progress at least to Intermediate Levels.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you’ll need more than 100 Metal Shards to participate in an arena challenge, but ideally, by this stage in the game, money won’t be an issue. The following is a list of the best Late Game Weapons.


Forgefall is a legendary Sharpshot Bow capable of shattering foes with Advanced Precision Arrows, Plasma Precision Arrows, and Advanced Plasma Precision Arrows.

You’ll need 80 Arena Medals to get your hands on this potent weapon. It is the best long-range weapon in the game, with consistent and steady shooting. Forgefall should be your go-to when you need to finish a fight quickly.

Death-Seeker’s Shadow

Death-Seeker’s Shadow is a legendary hunter bow that rips through enemies with Advanced Hunter Arrows, Advanced Shock Hunter Arrows, and Targeting Hunter Arrows.

This brutal weapon, like the Forgefall, requires 80 Arena Medals to unlock. The Death-Seeker’s Shadow has five Coil Slots, which you may employ to bombard enemies with arrows.

This lethal bow also has the highest Tear and Critical Hit Chance stats, as well as a high shock build-up that can immobilize enemies. When you equip this beast, you will be unstoppable.

The Blast Forge

The Blast Forge is the best Boltblaster featured in Forbidden Horizon West. It fires off armor-piercing and explosive bolts. It also has good attack speed and critical damage hit chance.

The Blast Forge being a legendary Boltblaster, will set you back 80 Arena Medals. It can deal with additional Concentration, Overdraw, Aerial Enemy, and Shocked Enemy Damage.

HFW New Game Plus Mode Best Weapons

Besides the nine legendary weapons in the regular mode of HFW, there are right more legendary weapons that are exclusive to the New Game+ mode.

There’s a special currency associated with the New Game+ mode called the Champion Tokens that are required to unlock the New Game+ mode in HFW. These Tokens can be earned by completing the main story mission and side quests by Alloy. Below are all the New Game+ mode legendary weapons.

Tears of the Land God
It is a hunter bow that can be purchased in exchange of 10 Champion Tokens.

Rain of Sparks
This falls into the category of warrior bow and has a fair price of 10 Champion Tokens.

All Mother’s Blessings
It is a warrior bow-type weapon and can be purchased for 10 Champion Tokens.

Iriv’s Downfall
A sharpshot bow that also has a price of 10 Champion Tokens.

Legacy’s Reach
A blastsling type weapon that is available for 10 Champion Tokens in HFW.

This legendary weapon falls into the category of spike thrower and can be purchased for 10 Champion Tokens.

It is a boltblaster-type legendary weapon that can be purchased for 10 Champion Tokens.

The Final Chapter
A Legendary weapon that falls into the category of Shredded Gauntlet and can be purchased for 10 Champion Tokens.

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