Best Skills to Unlock Early in Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West is now live and brings with it a bunch of new skills for its combat system. There are so many skills for Aloy to take on that it’s easy to experience choice paralysis. In this guide, we’ll tell you the best skills to unlock early in Horizon Forbidden West to get the best possible combat experience early on.

Best Skills to Unlock Early in Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West features a large selection of skills to pick from in your game. With over, 160 skills, the game is bound to have some skills that tower over others at different points in the game.

With that in mind, here are a few of these skills that are perfect early on in your journey in HFW where you are learning the mechanics and gathering powerful tools for your journey.

Potent Medicine

The skill provides faster healing and additional health every time you heal in HFW.

The skill is crucial for new players who might be having a hard time in the game getting swarmed by enemies. Sometimes, you are knocked out just as you are about to finish healing, but no more.

Deep Concentration

The skills make your concentration deplete slower.

When you slow down time to get that perfect shot, it becomes a race against time to aim and get the shot at the vital weak point of the robotic enemies. Sometimes you have more than one target and your concentration depletes before you can hit them all. This skill provides a solution to all these problems.

Concentration Regen

This skill increases Concentration regen speed in Horizon Forbidden West.

You can pull off many impossible shots in slow-mo and look good doing it. They allow you to land hits in weak points and deal critical damage. This skill allows you to repeatedly do so without major gaps in-between. Faster regen means more concentration. More concentration means more critical hits. More critical hits are good.

Low Health Defense

This skill provides increased damage resistance when health drops to below 25% in HFW.

At points in the game, you are bound to be at critical health and just running away from enemies to survive. The skill is very valuable as t allows you to tank more hits form enemies before falling.

Your last bit of health will be more than enough for you to kill the last few weakened enemies. The skill becomes only me valuable as you progress.

Stealth Tear +

This skill allows you to deal more tear damage when in stealth.

Players like to play in stealth. Some missions require you to maintain stealth. Some enemies are too damn hard and need to be stealth killed. This skill makes that easier.

You deal additional damage when you attack an enemy from stealth, making it much easier for you to maintain aid stealth as you take out enemies.

Block Breaker

This skill allows you to break a human enemy’s guard.

Human enemies may be easier than robots, but they can block your melee attacks making them annoying. This skill allows your combo (R1+R1+R2) to break their guards. This also stuns them for a while you land in additional hits.

Resonator Blast

This skill allows you to energize targets with a melee attack, then shoot them to blast them and cause high AoE damage.

Groups of enemies are hard to deal with. You keep on using melee attacks and you will be surrounded and overwhelmed. You use arrows and you will run out of arrows to shoot.

This skill allows you to deal high damage to your enemies without too much effort. Robots also take additional damage from blast and are also stunned so you can either retreat or attack.

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