Hollow Knight Mask Shards Locations Guide

With the help of our Hollow Knight Mask Shards Locations Guide, you'll be able to learn all about finding the different Mask Shards in the game.

Masks in Hollow Knight are health units which you can acquire additionally by searching for Mask Shards. Since combat is a big part of this big and brutal world where death is imminent, you would need to make sure you are on the highest health bar possible. In our Hollow Knight Mask Shards Locations Guide, you can find all 16 locations for the Mask Shards.

Hollow Knight Mask Shards

Each Ancient Mask on the top-left corner of the screen represents a unit of health. Throughout your playthrough, you can gather strengthen your defense by crafting more Ancient Masks with the use of Mask Shards.

4 Mask Shards are required to craft 1 Ancient Mask. Initially, you will start with 5 Masks/Units of health but by the end of these 16 Mask Shards, you will boost that number to a total of 9 health units.

Of course, Masks are not the only items responsible for your health as some of the Charms can perform that function as well. For a detailed look at all the Charms including those which regenerate health, you can check out our Charms Locations Guide.

Purchasing from Sly in Dartmouth

He is a vendor who you can purchase various charms but also upgrades to your health in the form of Mask Shards. He will allow you to buy 4 shards in total when you will have to pay 150 Geos, 500 Geos, 800 Geos, Shopkeeper’s Key, 1,500 Geos along with Shopkeeper’s Key; respectively for each Mask Shard you purchase. Collecting shards at certain locations or as rewards:

  • After you have rescued Bretta from Fungal Wastes, proceed to her house in Dirtmouth to get the shard.
  • When you find Sly, in the southeastern region, at the foreign crossroads, go to the shop that he will open in the Dirtmouth and he will offer you a mask shard for 150 Geo.
  • When you have found Sly and he has offered you first Mask Shard for 150 Geo from his shop, he will offer the second mask shard for 500 Geo.
  • The next one will be offered in the Dirtmouth shop for 800 Geo but for this one you will also need the Shopkeeper’s key.
  • Another one just like the above will be offered for 1500 Geo, also requiring the Shopkeeper’s key
  • By collecting 1,500 Essence, you will be rewarded with a Shard by Seer in Resting Grounds.
  • The Elder Grub or the Grubfather in Crossroads will reward you with a Mask Shard for rescuing 5 Grubs in total.
  • Using the Mantis Claw, proceed to the right of Queen Station to get the Shard.
  • Again, with the Mantis Claw as a recommended choice, collect the loot dropped by the Brooding Mawlek optional boss to get the Shard.
  • With the required Monarch Wings, proceed to Deepnest and find the shard near the location of the Mantis Lords.
  • Also using the Monarch Wings, when you defeat Crystal Guardian for the second time, you will receive the desired item as the loot drop.
  • When you complete the Delicate Flower quest, you can obtain the shard from Grey Mourner in Resting Grounds.
  • The one in The Hive is a tricky one to find. You will first need to bait a Hive Guardian into breaking a wall there. Now proceed through the newly formed passageway and grab the mask shard.
  • The next one is located in the Stone Sanctuary in Greenpath. Lumafly Lantern is a recommended tool here.
  • You can also find one deep in the water body at the northwest of Royal Waters. Swim near the left of the main path here to grab the shard.
  • The last one is located in Forgotten Crossroads underneath the False Knight, also where you can find the Groams. Mantis Claw is recommended here for ease.

Those are all the 16 Mask Shards you will need to add 4 additional points of health to your overall vitality. Maybe the Knight will not be so hollow after all.

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