Hollow Knight Charms Locations Guide

With the help of our Hollow Knight Charms Locations Guide, you'll be able to learn all about different Charms in the game.

In Hollow Knight, there is much more to do than meets the eye. There are many items that you will just breeze through if you are rushing the game and so you will be deprived of the full experience. One of these is a special item called Charm which can provide temporary buffs to your character. Below, we have highlighted Hollow Knight Charms Locations for each of these Charms and how to get there.

Hollow Knight Charms

Obtaining charms have certain requirements. These come in the form of notches and each charm has a set number of these notches that you have to have equipped at a given time. Initially, you will start with 3 notches but as you progress through the game, you will earn up to 10 notches in total.

Note that you can also acquire charms even if you do not meet the requirements of notches. You just have to be resilient and keep ignoring the game’s prompt to get the charm. However, this technique, called ‘overcharm’ will mean that you take double damage for when you have equipped that charm that you really did not deserve or never earned.

Anyways, below you will find a complete list of all charms with their respective locations in the world of Hollow Knight

Wayward Compass

A single notch is required when you approach Iselda in Dirtmouth after your first encounter with Cornifer. The item comes at a price of 220 Geo and it allows you to know the exact location you are currently present in on the map.

Gathering Swarm

It can be purchased from Sly in Dirtmouth for 300 Geo while you have equipped at least one notch. This item acts like a magnet that will collect all the Geo, the game’s currency, in your path automatically. Moreover, it will also collect Geo from places that are not accessible.

Stalwart Shell

For 2 notches and 200 Geo, you can get this item from Sly in Dirtmouth. After taking damage, the player will temporarily become invulnerable to any further hit. This essentially extends the time for the player to escape a fight or assess his options.

Soul Catcher

For 2 notches, after defeating Elder Baldur in Ancestral Mound, you can obtain the item. This will grant you, souls of the enemies, when hitting them meaning you can utilize it for healing or performing spells.

Shaman Stone

You can purchase this item from Salubra in Forgotten Crossroads at a cost of 220 Geo. You also require 3 notches to be able to acquire the item. The Shaman Stone will increase the damage output of spells by 33%.

Soul Eater

Works similarly to Soul Catcher but for 4 notches you get a higher number of souls when you strike the enemy. This item can be found in the Resting Grounds by using the Desolate Drive on a grave under the stage station. Now proceed down the passage and look for the item next to the statue.


Located in the Fungal Wastes near the passageway to Royal Waterway, this item can be acquired if you have equipped at least 2 notches. In addition to allowing you to dash in and out of attacks and covering large distances quickly, it can be used with Sharp Shadow skill to increase nail damage potential by 50%.

Thorns of Agony

Will attack enemies for you whenever you are dealing damage. The damage dealt is also quite decent, exceeded that of Nail damage. For a single notch, you can get it in the maze of thorns in Greenpath. You also require Mothwing Cloak though to access the location.

Fury of the Fallen

Upon reaching one health, the item is activated giving you a bonus of 75% in Nail damage and you can combo it with Fragile Strength to perform a total damage of 162%. Using either the Mothwing Cloak or Mantis Claw, along with 2 notches, you can grab the item in King’s Pass.

Fragile Heart

With 2 notches equipped, you can buy the item from Leg Eater in Fungal Wastes for 350 Geo. This charm grants the player two additional points of health but the item will need to be repaired from the Leg Eater whenever a player dies.

Unbreakable Heart

An Unbreakable version of the Fragile Heart charm. It can be bought from the Divine for 12,000 Geo after you give her the Fragile Heart and complete the dialogue with her.

Fragile Greed

Can be purchased from the same Leg Eater for 2 notches but for 250 Geo, this charm lets you acquire Geo off, fallen enemies. Again, this will need to be repaired by the Leg Eater for some Geo when the charm breaks.

Unbreakable Greed

Increases Geo dropped by enemies by 60%. It is an Unbreakable Greed charm. Bought from the Divine for 9,000 Geo after giving her the fragile version of this charm and completing a dialogue with her.

Fragile Strength

For 600 Geo and 3 notches equipped, make your way to the same Leg Eater for this charm. What it does it increase the Nail damage output by 50%. All Fragile charms break upon death and will need to be repaired at a cost of some Geo.

Unbreakable Strength

It increases damage dealt by 50%. You can acquire this from the Divine in her tent for 15,000 Geo after giving her the fragile version and having a dialogue with her.

Spell Twister

For two notches, you can find the charm as you make your way to a room at the top of Soul Sanctum. The Spell Twister reduces the expense at which you can cast spells by 33%. Use this along with the Soul catching charms to cast spells without any trouble.

Steady Body

For a single notch and 120 Geo, the charm can be bought from Salubra in Forgotten Crossroads. This is particularly useful when you cannot afford to recoil backward when performing a Nail attack because one-step back could mean one-step to your death by fall.

Heavy Blow

Purchase the item from Sly for 350 Geo. Note, you will first have to get the Shopkeeper’s key from Crystal Peak and have 2 notches equipped. The charm increases the pushback or knockback effect of your attacks so as to create more distance between you and your foe be it for healing or another attack.

Quick Slash

This hidden item can be found in Kingdom’s Edge while you have 3 notches. Rushes your Slash attacks so they are executed quickly and without much effort.


Making your way to Salubra in Forgotten Crossroads, pay 300 Geo while you have 2 notches to get the charm. Increases the range of your melee attacks.

Mark of Pride

In Mantis Village, after you have defeated the Mantis Lords, head northeast to find the charm in a room. The requirement is 3 notches. This allows for even a greater range on melee attacks than Longnail charm.

Baldur Shell

In Howling Cliffs, you can find a chest with 1 Geo in the southwest of the area. Hop in to find a cave guarded by two Elder Balder. Defeat them and grab the charm with 2 notches equipped. The charm forms a shield at the cost of some Souls and will absorb around 4 hits before breaking.


In the Royal Waterways region, the charm is a loot drop by a Flukemarm. Make sure you have got at least 2 notches. Increases both damage output and range of attacks so useful against boss enemies.

Defender’s Crest

This charm will be awarded after putting down Dung Defender in Royal Waterways. A single notch is required and the charm lets you form a cloud of toxic gas around you which lingers for a decent time duration.

Glowing Womb

Obtained from Forgotten Crossroads near the False Knight, this charm will require Crystal Heart and 2 notches. The charm will consume some of your Souls and summon 4 warriors to help you in battle.

Quick Focus

For 800 Geo and 3 notches equipped, buy the charm from Salubra in Forgotten Crossroads. The Quick Focus increases the speed at which you can heal so you can do it even in the middle of fights.

Deep Focus

You need to access a secret area in Crystal Peak while having the Crystal Heart. This area is hidden behind a wall where a miner is interacting with the wall. Break it to reveal the charm. A notch count of 4 is required. The user gets twice the health at the expense of the same soul consumed through this charm is a little slower.

Lifeblood Heart

Paying in 250 Geo to Salubra in Forgotten Crossroads, the player can get the charm with 2 notches equipped. Increases the health of the bearer via 2 Lifeblood Masks which can be regenerated when rested.

Lifeblood Core

With a requirement of 3 notches and 15 Lifeblood masks, you can access the cave left of Abyss to grab the charm. It will also increase your health by granting your 4 Lifeblood Masks which can regenerate.

Joni’s Blessing

Can be obtained at Joni’s repose in Howling Cliffs area with 4 notches equipped. The charm will increase the health by 4 points and change normal masks into Lifeblood masks so this is quite the useful defensive tool.


After successfully freeing 10 Grubs, the player can get the charm from Grubfather with only 1 notch as the requirement. You will be granted some souls each time you get receive some damage or a hit.

Grubberfly’s Elegy

The same Grubfather will grant you this charm after you have liberated 46 grubs while 3 notches equipped. Will grant the ability to fire projectiles from the nail weapon while the bearer is at full HP.


The charm is located beneath the Hive Queen’s spirit in the Hive. For 4 notches, you can get this charm which regenerates the last point of HP for a duration of 10 seconds increasing the chances of survival.

Spore Shroom

The location for the charm is near the secret passage to Queen’s Gardens and Deepnest in Fungal Wastes. Remember, you will need both the Mothwing Cloak and Mantis Claw along with at least 1 notch. When healing, a cloud of toxicity will be sent out to damage nearby enemies.

Sharp Shadow

Hidden behind the wall of shadows in a room in Deepnest, you can grab the charm if you meet the requirement of 2 notches. Using this charm, you can cover more distances while dashing and can inflict damage while the movement. Can be coupled with Dashmaster to increase mobility considerably.

Shape of Unn

Search inside the Unn at the bed of Lake of Unn with 2 Notches equipped for the charm. It will also require Isma’s Tear. It allows you to perform healing while moving a little distance for safety.

Nailmaster’s Glory

After your education regarding 3 Nail Arts from the Nailmasters is completed, you get this reward from Sly while you have at least 1 notch equipped. The charge for Nailmaster’s Glory skill is doubled and coupled with Fury of the Fallen charm; you can increase the Nail damage by a whopping 75%.

Dream Wielder

For 1 notch and 500 Essence, the charm is awarded by Seer. It has a dual function of reducing Dream Nail charge time while also awarding you with more soul when striking enemies.


The charm is divided into two parts. White Lady in Queen’s Garden grants one while the other will be rewarded for finishing the White Palace. With both halves equipped, along with 5 notches, the charm will be yours to use. Constantly regenerates souls on its own so to provide a source for healing and casting spells.

Carefree Melody

Gives a chance of between 0 – 10 % of deflecting incoming attacks. The chance of deflection increases with the number of hits sustained. Can be obtained from Nymm in the Dirtmouth after you defeat Grimm Troupe.


Spawns a Grimm Familiar that follows you and collects the Scarlet Flames while also marking them on the map. When it has collected 3-4 flames it engages other Grimm automatically. It can be obtained in Dirtmouth from the Grimm Troupe tent.

Dream Shield

It summons a shield that rotates around you deflecting enemies and their attacks when they come in contact. It can be obtained in Resting Grounds from an altar in a secret room below the Seer; its hidden behind a breakable wall.


It spawns 3 weaverlings that follow and attack enemies dealing a minimal damage per hit. Can be found in the Weaver’s Den in the Deepnest.


Increases your speed by up to 20%. It can be bought at Sly’s Merchant Store for 400 Geo but only after you rescue him from the Forgotten Crossroads and bring him the lost Storeroom Key.

Void Heart

For no notch at all, the charm can be collected from Birthplace. Note that this will replace your Kingsoul charm and has more relation to the narrative than actual gameplay. It will help you unlock two different endings for the game.

This is all we have in our Hollow Knight Charms Locations Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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