Hollow Knight Abilities Locations Guide

With the help of our Hollow Knight Abilities Locations Guide, you'll be able to learn everything you need to know about finding all the Abilities.

The soul is a core mechanic of Hollow Knight and you will be using it when you use the abilities that are provided to you in the game. There are quite a few abilities in the game and this Hollow Knight Abilities Locations Guide will guide you through all of them.

Hollow Knight Abilities

The soul can be used for a multitude of purposes in the game. It can be used for anything from spells which deal damage all the way to healing yourself. The meter that you have will often glow whenever you are ready to cast a spell using your soul.

You can also acquire Soul Vessels as an additional storage for Soul. That appears to the left side of your main Soul Meter. They can hold additional Soul once the original meter is full.

Hits by your Nail can get you, Soul, as can Soul Catcher and Soul Eater. Let us go ahead and see some of the abilities that you can use with the Soul. You can find abilities at different locations which will make it easier to travel in the game.

Mothwing Cloak

This Cloak is used to dash forward on the ground or on the air. In order to get it, you need to defeat the Hornet found in Greenpath.

Mantis Claw

This claw allows you to cling to walls and then leap from them. Find this ability towards the left side of antis Village. You need the Mothwing Cloak in order to access this ability.


Crystal Heart

The energy from the crystal can launch you forward at a very high speed. You can find it towards the right side of the Crystal Peak when you are in the section with the platforms.

Monarch Wings

You can perform a double jump with this ability. Get it by defeating the Broken Vessel in Ancient Basin.

Isma’s Tear

You can get protection from the acidic pools that are found in parts of Hallownest. Get this ability in the Royal Waterways. However, you will need the Crystal Heart to access it.

Shade Cloak

This ability will allow you to dash through enemies and their attacks without taking any damage. This is found in the Abyss towards the far right. Stand at the shadow fountain and wait for the ability to be given to you.


You can travel through dreams using this ability. To get this ability, talk to Seer in the Resting Grounds after you have earned 900 Essence.

That is all we have for our Hollow Knight Abilities Locations Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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