Is There a Pre-Load for Hogwarts Legacy on PC?

With the release of Hogwarts Legacy just around the corner, everyone is wondering about the release, pre-load and early access of the game. While console players (Xbox Series X|S and PS5) will be able to Pre-load the game early, PC gamers won’t be able to pre-load Hogwarts Legacy as confirmed by Warner Bros. on Twitter:

The news has made fans enraged and raised concerns among PC Gamer community. Gamers are worried if it has something to do with the performance of the game on PC. Not offering pre-loads will naturally render a lot of players unable to play the game as soon as it’s available. Even if that’s not an issue, those who have pre-ordered Hogwarts Legacy on PC are left stranded as it’s a common practice these days to offer pre-load to those atleast who have pre-ordered a game.

Even with descent internet speeds, 85GB is not a small download so the disappointment is quite understandable. As for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S owners, their early access will start worldwide from tomorrow.

As for PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, all of these platforms won’t have a pre-load or early access option so I guess they are also with PC Gamers in this regard. Last-gen and Nintendo Switch version of Hogwarts Legacy are coming in April and July respectively.

Hogwarts Legacy is 2023’s one of the most anticipated games. Despite all the controversy related to J.K. Rowling, the game has managed to garner sufficient hype and all eyes are now on the release and the reviews ofcourse. Hogwarts Legacy reviews are also scheduled to go live today, on February 6th so keep an eye on that as well.

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