Hogwarts Legacy Moth Mirror Locations And Puzzle Solutions

You will find several Moth Mirrors in Hogwarts Castle as well as Hogsmeade and the surrounding Highlands in Hogwarts Legacy.

These are small black mirrors with tiny moths inside them. You might think the moths are just for decoration but using Lumos will tell you that they are actually puzzles needing to be solved.

To solve a moth mirror puzzle, you have to find the missing moth and guide it back to its butterfly mirror location. The following guide will tell you more about finding and solving all Hogwarts Legacy moth mirror puzzles.

Hogwarts Legacy moth mirror locations

There are a total of 13 moth mirrors that you can find in Hogwarts Legacy. Each moth mirror puzzle solution is a three-step process. You need to first find and activate a moth mirror. Then, you need to find the missing butterfly and bring it back to the mirror. Solving each puzzle will reward you with a field guide page.

Central Hall Moth Mirror

The first moth mirror you find is the one located in the Central Hall. This is because this mirror is featured in a side quest that actually introduces these Moth Mirrors to the player.

Speak to Lenora near the Potions classroom fast travel point to start the Like A Moth To A Frame side quest that introduces you to Moth Mirrors. Once you start the quest, just head left and look under the staircase to find the moth. Guide it back to the butterfly mirror location to solve the puzzle.

Once the puzzle has been solved, go back to Lenora to finish the quest. From this point on you can solve moth mirrors in any order you wish. Once you solve it you will receive a field guide page.

Library Moth Mirror

This mirror can be found on the second floor of the library. Look in the right corner of the 2nd floor of the library to find the mirror. It is hidden behind books, so you can use Revelio to spot it.

The moth for this mirror can be found on the opposite side of the same floor. You can find it resting on a podium. Guide it back to the mirror and as you solve it, you will receive a field guide page.

Great Hall Moth Mirror

Teleport to the Great Hall using the Floo flame, and look under the great Hogwarts Banner to find the Moth Mirror.

The moth is sitting on the Headmaster’s Podium in the same area so just take it with you back to the mirror.

Defense Against The Dark Arts Tower Moth Mirror

The moth mirror in Defense Against Dark Arts Tower can be found near the Foo Flae. Look to the left of the fast-travel system to find the mirror.

The moth for this mirror can be found on the columns outside the class of Defense against the Dark Arts. Bring it back to the butterfly mirror and you will receive a field guide page.

History of Magic classroom Moth Mirror

Go to the classroom for History of Magic in the Bell Tower Courtyard. Head to the northern hall of the tower and you can find the mirror on the wall opposite the entrance of the hall.

The moth is found inside the professor’s room in the History of Magic classroom. The door is locked, and you need to use the Alohomora spell to unlock the door and enter the professor’s room.

Turn right when in the room and you should find the moth on a vase. 

Hogsmeade Water Wheel Moth Mirror

This moth mirror is found on the side of the Hogsmeade water wheel building, towards the northeastern side.

The moth for this mirror is found on the lamp post. Follow the path leading away from the building to get to the moth lamp post.

Hog’s Head Alley Moth Mirror

The mirror is found in a southeastern alley. Walk around the back of the building on Hog’s Head Alley to get to the mirror.

The moth for this mirror is found on a lamppost near the building. Look for the lamp post that has a few kegs next to it to find the moth. Once you solve it, you will receive a field guide page.

Ravenclaw Tower Moth Mirror

The moth mirror is found at the bottom of Ravenclaw Tower. Head to the Animal Symbol door and head down the stairs opposite the arithmancy puzzle door. The mirror will be at the bottom of the stairs.

To get the moth for this mirror, climb the stairs back up and go all the way up the tower. Once you get to the top, the moth is on your right.

Astronomy Tower Moth Mirror

Climb the Astronomy Tower and head into the archway next to the armor display. The mirror is on the left side of the archway.

Once you have located the mirror, get to the top of the tower and enter the Astronomy classroom. Here, the moth can be found left of the chalkboard. As you solve this moth mirror puzzle you will receive a field guide page.

West Tower Moth Mirror

The Moth Mirror of West Tower can be found in the Pungent Passage. Look on the right wall at the start of the passage.

Go through the passage to get to the West Tower Floo system and the moth is found next to the centaur tapestry here. By solving this puzzle you will receive a field guide page.

Viaduct Courtyard Moth Mirror

Get to Viaduct Courtyard and keep on straight until you get to the werewolf statue. Turn right next to the statue and go up a single flight of stairs to find the moth mirror.

Get to the Floo system of the courtyard and head up the stairs on the right until you get to the mermaid statue. The moth is right next to this statue. As you solve this puzzle you will receive a field guide page.

Slytherin Dungeon Moth Mirror

Get to the Viaduct Courtyard and go to the entrance hall. Turn right and follow the path behind the pig statue. Follow the path and go down the stairs at the bottom of the stairs to get to the Slytherin Dungeon moth mirror.

From the mirror, head left and then turn right. Follow the corridor, and turn into the second left corridor to find the moth. After solving this moth mirror puzzle you will receive a field guide page.

Dogweed & Deathcap Moth Mirror

In the northern part of Hogsmeade Village, you will find the Dogweed & Deathcap shop that sells things like Mandrake and Venomous Tentacula. One moth mirror is inside the shop, to the right of the entrance.

Activate the moth mirror and leave the shop. You need to climb the small hill next to the shop to reach the shop’s chimney. The moth is stuck to the top of the chimney, so either jump over there or use your broom to fly close.

Use Lumos to attract the moth, and then return to the shop to complete the mirror puzzle after which you will receive a field guide page as a reward.

How to solve moth mirror puzzles 

The premise of these moth mirror puzzles is quite simple. You will need to spend some time discovering the moth mirror locations in Hogwarts Legacy.

Each of these mirrors has a moth for it that is hidden somewhere, and you need to find that moth and bring it back to the mirror. The moths are located close by and the mirror itself will give you a hint about the location of the moth that you need to find for it.

For example, a lamp post might be shown in the mirror so you have to find that lamp post to find the moth and then guide it back to the mirror to collect the Field Guide Page reward.

To start off, use Lumos near the mirror and the black surface will disappear, showing an image. Pay close attention to what you see in the image and remember any prominent objects like a unique arch, painting, or statue. Now that you have committed the image to memory, look around you for that particular area.

Once you have found the stationary moth, use Lumos again to bring it back to life. The moth will start flying around your wand so lead it back to the mirror. Once you guide the moth back to the mirror, stop using the spell and the moth will land on the mirror, giving you your reward.

Generally, the moth is never too far from the mirror and if you think you are close by, you can use Revelio and listen for the fluttering wings audio cue.

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