How To Advance Time To Day And Night In Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy has a day and night cycle, so you have to sometimes advance time to either day or night for certain quests.

The time of the day matters a lot when it comes to several quests in Hogwarts Legacy. Some quests, such as the Ghosts of Our Love quest, can only be taken at nighttime. So you cannot start or complete these essential objectives without changing the time of the day.

Advancing time from day to night or night to day is very straightforward, but some players still need help finding the button that allows the Hogwarts Legacy Advancement of time. So lets us understand how this phenomenon works in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to advance time in Hogwarts Legacy

Use the wait option

You just need to open your Map menu and look at the bottom right corner to find the Wait option.

The wait option works similarly, no matter what platform you use for the playthrough. The only difference is the assigned buttons.

Playstation 4/5R3
Xbox SeriesR3

Press the button according to your platform, and a prompt will pop up. Select “Yes”, and your time will change according to your requirement in Hogwarts Legacy.

Change in the assigned time

It is essential to understand that the only option you get for changing the time is from day to night or vice versa. You cannot utilize the wait option to advance to a specific hour.

You can use this time change option in every place of Hogwarts Legacy. Your character will sleep at the same spot where you select the Wait option and then wakes up after the time changes.

Explore the specific quests

This option works in the same manner as the wait option from the main menu. If you reach quests at the wrong time, a message will show that allows you to wait at the same spot until the time is right. Select “Yes”, and your player will wake up from a nap, and you can take on the quest. This is how you advance time in Hogwarts Legacy.

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