Hitman Release Day Content Rumors Are “Not Correct,” More Details Soon

Hitman publisher Square Enix has shot down rumors of Hitman having only seven missions at release.

Yesterday we came across a listing on Amazon which lead us to believe that Hitman will release with 7 missions in December. Fans weren’t happy about it and wanted more from Hitman at launch.

Well, we don’t know if you are getting more or less, but Square Enix has shot down launch day content rumors. According to the company, there is no truth to this rumor, they are not correct.

“The information shared at Amazon.com was not correct. There will be more details about the exact content soon.”

Amazon’s listing of the game contained a sentence which created lots of confusion, but it has been removed since then. The good news is that those not happy with just 7 missions only (including me), should relax and wait for more news from Square Enix.

When will these plans are being shared is still unknown but it shouldn’t take long. Hitman on the other hand is coming out on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on December 8.

The title will be available as a digital download, but a retail version is also planned for 2016. More details on that are yet to be announced.

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