Hitman Absolution PC Errors and Fixes

List of workarounds and fixes general errors, crashes, freezes and other technical issues affecting Hitman Absolution PC.

Hitman Absolution just got released on PC along with PS3 and Xbox 360, and if you are a Hitman fan, you may already be enjoying the game. Or maybe not, due to some annoying crashes or other game breaking issues that we will go over in this Hitman Absolution PC Errors and Fixes guide.

If the latter is the case, we are here to help you out in fixing these problems. Following is the list of common problems being faced by the users related to Hitman: Absolution and their possible fixes.

Hitman Absolution PC Errors and Fixes

#1 Hitman: Absolution Doesn’t Start After Clicking Play
Make sure that the game is unpacked fully before you launch it. Try checking the integrity of the game cache. If it doesn’t work, you should restart steam. Launching the game as admin may also fix the problem.

#2 Disk IO Failure
If restarting the system doesn’t work, make sure that your hard drive has sufficient amount of free space. By sufficient i mean that you should have double the space as the original download.

#3 Hitman: Absolution Taking Forever To Start
When you launch the game for the first time, it unpacks some data. If you aren’t seeing any progress, just be patient as it can take some time depending on the speed of your hard drive.

#4 Htiman: Absolution Error – The Application is Already Running
It can happen if any application is not properly closed recently. You can close the process manually through the task manager (press Alt+Ctrl+Delete) and re-launch the game. A quick restart can also solve the problem.

#5 Crashes on Random Or After Loading/Cutscenes
Just check the integrity of the game cache (Right-click Hitman: Absolution > Properties > Local Files tab > Verify Integrity of Game Cache) and the problem should be fixed.

#6 Hitman: Absolution Out Of Memory Error
If you have up-to-date drivers for your hardware, you can give this fix a try to resolve the problem.

#7 Hitman: Absolution Flickering, Performance Issues
If you are meeting the recommended system requirements and have latest drivers installed, make sure there are no pending windows updates in the task bar.

#8 Game is Currently Unavailable (Corrupt Game Files)
Checking the integrity of game files should fix the issue. After the check is complete, restart Steam and launch the game again. After a small update, it will start normally.

#9 No Sound
You should disable surround sound on audio drivers.

#10 FPS Drop/Issues
If you want to solve the FPS issue then disable MSAA in Display Options.

#11 Game doesn’t show up in Windows 8.1
If the screen minimizes and doesn’t restore then disable Exclusive Fullscreen.

#12 DX 11 Crashes on Nvidia GeForce 500 and 600 series
The default Vcore is set too low on the 5xx/6xx series cards. You can increase Vcore to the GPU slightly or Drop the GPU Clocks

If you come across any other issue, let us know in the comments and we will help you out!

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