Hitman 3 Tips and Strategies

In this Hitman 3 Tips list, we'll be showing you a few things to keep in mind while in the shoes of the infamous Agent 47.

Hitman 3 presents the player with a plethora of opportunities to approach the target and eliminate them without anyone being the wiser. In this Hitman 3 Tips list, we’ll be showing you a few things to keep in mind while in the shoes of the infamous Agent 47, the silent assassin.

Hitman 3 Tips

Each mission in Hitman 3 is designed with intricate details, and each opportunity is a unique way to approach the mission. The closed sandbox provides the players with a number of possibilities making each approach unique, satisfying and rich with its own lore.

Plan your Arsenal

A professional assassin has a strategy down in his mind to take care of every problem that might come in your way.

If you feel like you might want to take a quick and clean approach, you can whip out your Sniper Rifle and wait for the opportunity in the shadows.

I almost always like to keep a poison by my side, just in case. It helps to effectively and silently take care of most enemies.

If you feel like you’ve forgotten something, there’s always a good chance you’ll find it wandering around in different locations within the mission.

Understand the Level

Hitman 3 pits you in a bunch of new missions with a number of roads to choose from. If you’re feeling a little rebellious, you can create one of your own as well.

As you first enter the level, you might want to get to know your surroundings a little first.

Take into account everything that could be used to eliminate the target, and choose the path that feels the most ‘fun’ to you.

I’ve never moved on from a mission until I’ve tried out every possibility put in by the developers.

Save, Save and Save!

You might want to experience the game from every angle and try out every possibility.

So, keep loading back to take a look at the different opportunities provided to you by the game. Trust us, the side-stories within these missions are really well-made and worth the exploration.

Take a Step Back!

Things aren’t going so well? You feel like you’ve been exposed? Restart the mission and don’t be scared to start all over again.

Avoid any mistakes that you might have previously made, and achieve a perfect score this time.

Distraction is Key

You can try to wait out patrols and prying eyes, or you can just use a faster method known as distraction.

All you need is a coin, and one toss does the trick. Lure enemies away from points of interest to pass right through without any trouble.

It’s risky but faster and sometimes the only way to gain access to a secure location.

Instinct Mode

You need to stay one step ahead of your enemies. To do so, make sure to use instinct mode as much as possible and see what possible threats are up to and keep an eye out on their locations.

Anything that can expose your identity should be avoided. When in the instinct mode, you’ll find several opportunities that can help you get closer to your target.


The minimap will show you possible opportunities and key information.

Any important intel and icons should be analyzed immediately to reveal an additional route for your mission. Most of this will make it easier for you to get through the mission.

Silent Assassin

The best score you can achieve is by being a Silent Assassin and playing just like the master assassin Agent 47.

Take out only your target and leave the area unseen to achieve the best possible score. This isn’t always possible and you might have to knock some targets out. Make sure there aren’t any witnesses.

Mission Stories

Don’t ignore Mission Stories and delve yourself into them. By pushing through these different opportunities, you will often find an opportunity to eliminate your target with a ‘Unique Assassination.’

Playing Mission Stories will provide you with valuable intel that can give you the key information you need to take down a target.

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