Hitman 3 Dubai Shortcuts Locations Guide

In this Hitman 3 Dubai Shortcuts Locations Guide, we will pinpoint all the short routes you can take while playing the Dubai level.

In this Hitman 3 Dubai Shortcuts Locations Guide, we will pinpoint all the shortcuts you can take while playing the Dubai level. This guide will also help you progress the Shortcut Killer trophy.

Hitman 3 Dubai Shortcuts Locations

The Dubai level of Hitman 3 has 4 shortcuts for you to uncover and take advantage of, and we will list out all of them.

Shortcuts in Hitman 3 are usually behind inaccessible corridors. It could be a fire escape or a door that is blocked from the other side.

You might need a crowbar to access some of the shortcuts as well.

Once you unlock a shortcut, it will stay open even when you play through the level again.

Atrium Lobby Door
This shortcut is located on Level -1 and you need to access it from Level 0. Head to the bathrooms on Level 0, steal the access card from the staff in any way you see fit, and then go through the maintenance area.

Now, head downstairs until you reach the very bottom and you will see the shortcut door.

Helipad Ladder
This shortcut is located just past the emergency exit when you head towards the Helipad on Level 3.

Go through the emergency exit door and you should be able to see a staircase on your right. Take that staircase and go to the top of the platform. Now head to the left corner and climb over to the other platform.

On your left, you will see a climbable wall. Climb that wall and you should be facing the Storage room with a guard on the right side.

Take out the guard and the staff member in the storage room and hide their bodies inside. You need the guard’s outfit to slip past other guards unnoticed.

Disguise yourself, head outside the storage room, and continue down the corridor until you reach the end.

Take a right and then an immediate left to face an automatic glass door that opens outside.

You should be able to see the ladder on your left.

Ventilation Ladder
This shortcut is close to the helipad ladder. Climb up the helipad ladder and go back through the glass door. Now, take the immediate left and head upstairs.

Once you reach the top, reach the end of the corridor and take a right. This should take you to an open area. Now vault over to the right and head towards the yellow door.

Inside, you can see the ladder on the far-right end of the room.

Penthouse Terrace Ladder
Leave the room with the yellow door and go straight towards the glass door on the left side of the open area.

Once you pass the glass door, you will see the Penthouse Terrace Ladder in front of you.

These are all the Hitman 3 Dubai Shortcut Locations.

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