Hitman 2 Whittleton Creek Walkthrough

Our Hitman 2 Whittleton Creek Walkthrough Guide will help you learn all about completing the missions with Suit Only and Silent Assassin achievements.

Stuck on the 4th mission of Hitman 2: “Whittleton Creek”? Fret not! This Hitman 2 Whittleton Creek Walkthrough Guide has been crafted to serve you!

Hitman 2 Whittleton Creek Walkthrough

Whittleton Creek is the fourth level in Hitman 2. The main objective here will be to take out two targets while collecting three specific clues. Of course, finding the two targets will be a bit tough, especially the second one: Nolan.

Nolan likes to wander off on his own, spying on the neighborhood for information. The first target: Janus, on the contrary, stays confined in his home, or his yard.

We will cover the different Mission Stories that can be used to eliminate both of the targets.

Eliminating Janus

Janus, an old man, is one of the targets in Hitman 2’s mission “Whittleton Creek”. Janus was one of the first few in the project that made Agent 47 a superhuman soldier.

Unfortunately, 47’s memories were cleaned away and therefore, he has no recollection of ever meeting Janus ever before.

There are several ways of eliminating Janus, including Whack a Mole, An Apple a Day, and No Smoking Area. We will briefly discuss all of them below:

Janus – Whack a Mole
The first method to killing Janus through a mission story is through the whack a mole process. Find yourself an explosive item, disguise yourself a gardener and grab the key for Janus’ house.

Head to Janus’ garden and pick up all items you can find. Stuff all the holes in the garden with the items. No hole must be left unplugged. Plug one of the hole with the explosive. Wait for Janus to walk over the bomb hole and bam! It is done!

Janus – An Apple a Day
The second method to kill Janus is by disguising yourself as a male nurse. Of course, Janus will reveal a few secrets if you do it this way, but there is a timer, so watch out for that.

You can find the costume off a male nurse that is located down the creek. Eliminate the nurse and snatch away their costume. Head for Janus’ house and ring the doorbell. Janus will escort you.

Eventually, he will ask to escort you to escort him to the bathroom. Smother him with a pillow when he lay on the chair.

Janus – No Smoking Area
The final method you can use to kill Janus through a mission story involves you mixing cigarettes into oxygen tanks. Pick up a wrench from Cassidy’s garage, some cigars from the Janus’ neighbor’s garden, in the corner bush.

Enter Janus’ house and replace his pack of cigars by the ones you found in the bushes. Tinker with the oxygen machine and add the cigars inside. Leave the house. Bam! A flashy kill.

Eliminating Cassidy

Cassidy is your second target in this mission. Your main objective here will be to eliminate Cassidy without raising any alarms. He is a bodyguard, currently spying the neighborhood for information, so it might get difficult trying to find his exact location.

There are several ways to eliminate Cassidy, including one of the several Mission Stories. The Mission Stories that revolve around killing Cassidy are Pest Control, Charboiled, and House for Sale. These are discussed briefly below:

Pest Control
This is taking pest control to a whole new level. This mission depicts that Cassidy is no more than a pest, a creepy-crawly! You can find the bug spray in one of the green crates to the west of the map.

The key for that specific crate can be found from one of the nearby workers. Head towards Cassidy’s house and eliminate the exterminator. Use the generator nearby to lure Cassidy’s guard.

Take the guard out and add the bug spray into the fumigator outside. Enter the house, climb upstairs and break the gun case.

Cassidy will be lured by the noise. Quickly jump outside, towards the fumigator. Wait until everyone has entered the building and start the fumigator. Then head upstairs and eliminate Cassidy.

The second mission story revolves around the party. In this mission, you will have to find a propane can to take to the party and kick-start the party. You can find it in Janus’ garden. Head upstairs into the party house and find a waiter in one of the rooms.

Take him out and take his outfit. Find some rat poison in the garage. Serve as a normal waiter until Cassidy arrives. Add the poison into some food and offer it to Cassidy. Finally, head to the bathroom before Cassidy and silently eliminate his agony.

House for Sale
The final mission story for eliminating Cassidy revolves around you becoming a realtor. Grab a blueberry muffin from the stand outside before heading upstairs on the second floor and grabbing your waiter costume. Find the rat poison in the garage.

Place the muffin on the table by the stand, poison it and follow the realtor that takes the muffin. Wait for him to be knocked out from the poison and then grab his disguise when given the chance.

Meet Cassidy and follow him into the basement. Wait for Cassidy to disable the alarm and the guard. As soon as Cassidy gets inside the vault, reactivate the alarm. Let the system do the rest of the work.


After eliminating both of the targets, you will have to find nine clues, three clues on three different things. These clues are located in different places, but fret not; we have got them covered.

  • The first clue can be found in Mr. Batty’s shed. It is related to the Lawsuit
  • The second clue can be found on Janus’ house’ the second floor. He will run towards it during the Pest Control mission story.
  • Mrs. West, who lives right next to, is a good friend of Janus and is performing alterations to his robe. Put on the robe to find the final clue.

Constant Meeting Confirmed

  • The first clue can be found in the patch of ground, next to the river, just in front of Cassidy’s house’s backdoor. Grab a shovel from the shed in the neighbor’s house and dig around this patch of ground. It is a cigar box.
  • The second clue can be found inside Cassidy’s house, on the second floor. There is a videotape here. Grab it. Head for the house 429 and use the equipment present in the attic of that house.
  • The third clue is the Microfilm that Janus keeps in his library upstairs. Take it and play it in the attic of the house 429.

Ark Society

  • The first clue can be found off the guard’s diary. He can be found reading this on a bench at the bottom-left corner of the map. Snatch the diary somehow.
  • The second clue is a photo full of Janus’ memories. This photo can be found in Janus’ basement, in the bottom right corner.
  • The final clue is a letter that can be found on one of Cassidy’s men, the guy in the brown trench-coat.

Assassin Challenges

Apart from the main missions, you can also look for Assassin challenges while going through the game. These assassin challenges include:

  • Whittleton Creek Electric: You have to terminate a target with electricity.
  • Someone Could Hurt Themselves: You have to kill a target in an accident.
  • Finger on the Pulse: You have to follow ”An Apple a Day” mission story.
  • Sold!: You have to follow ”House for Sale” mission story.
  • Reasonable Scope: You have to terminate all targets using a sniper rifle while sitting in the tree house.
  • Hold my hair: At the end of the ”Charbroiled” mission story, you have to drown Cassidy in the toilet.
  • Unreasonable Scope: You have to kill all of your targets with a single sniper shot while sitting in the tree house.
  • Memorabilia: You have to somehow lure Janus to the basement and impale him on the hammer and the sickle statue.
  • A Buffet To You, Sir: You just have to follow the “Charbroiled” mission story.
  • Sneezing Suspicion: You just have to follow the “No Smoking Area” mission story.
  • Monster Cookie: You have to poison the cupcake found in Janus’ room.
  • Doable Scope: You have to terminate a target using a sniper rifle while sitting in the tree house.
  • Death From Below: You have to follow ”Whack-a-mole” mission story.
  • Piano Man: You have to terminate a target using a fiber wire.
  • Explosive Potential: You have to follow ”Whack-a-mole” mission story.
  • Tea Time: You have to poison the tea urn found in Janus’ kitchen.
  • Pass Gas: You have to follow ”Pest Control” mission story.
  • Straight Shot: You have to terminate a target through a headshot.
  • Tasteless, Traceless: You have to terminate a target using a lethal poison. Cassidy is a perfect choice for this when she is on a BBQ.
  • Whittleton Creek Blackout: You have to terminate all target with electricity

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