Hideo Tube Episode 2 Just Went Live With English Subtitles

Hideo Kojima started his own YouTube Channel called Hideo Tube recently. Hideo Kojima appears in Hideo Tube and talks about games, movies, comics and everything he loves.

Hideo Tube Episode 2 just went live and this time we have english subtitles. In episode 2, Hideo Kojima revealed that after the first episode was recorded in January he went to visit different studios to understand their way of development – Sucker Punch, Sony Bend, SCEA (VGASG), Sony Studio London and more.

He visited studios is UK and US and then returned for the DICE awards. He was accompanied by Sony’s Mark cerny who helped him look for the best technology for his new game.

Hideo Kojima said that he wants to create something really edgy. Now that he is no longer bound to Konami, he has all the creative freedom he needs.

Hideo Tube episode 2 gives us an insight into Kojima Productions and how they plan on handling development of their current project.

The project in question is a PlayStation 4 exclusive and that is all we know. There are no details about its name, concept. The project is in very early stages of development but Hideo Kojima had previously asked us to look for hints in Kojima Productions’ logo.

So far, no one has been able to crack the mystery of Kojima Productions’ logo but someone, at some point, will do it. The logo only shows a skull inside a futuristic helmet. Kojima says there is a whole body, not just a head. So we can expect this creature of appear in his game?

How can we mention Kojima and not talk about Metal Gear Solid? Well, Konami owns Metal Gear but many speculate that Hideo’s next project will be similar to Metal Gear.

However, that won’t be the case because no matter how much we love Metal Gear, Hideo Kojima has been trying to move away from it for a long time.

I doubt he will intentionally go back something that is similar to Metal Gear Solid.

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