Hideo Kojima Does Indeed Appear In Cyberpunk 2077

Remember when CD Projekt Red made Hideo Kojima into a Cyberpunk 2077 character to congratulate him (and Kojima Productions) on the PC launch of Death Stranding? That tribute was actually backed by another reason.

The Metal Gear creator does indeed appear in Cyberpunk 2077 just as speculated and that too with style. Sipping a futuristic drink on a couch with an open biker jacket, the Kojima cameo can be found in Night City telling augmented female companionships about how human emotions impact movie productions. He can also reportedly be approached by players for a little conversation.

Having Kojima in Cyberpunk 2077 also has merit. Kojima himself has worked on the idea of transhumanism and how mankind will continue to use technology with immense irresponsibility for a dire end.

He will presumably not be the only one to have a cameo. Former host and journalist Alanah Pearce, who recently joined Santa Monica Studio as a writer, has her own non-playable character in the game as part of the Nomad lifepath. The former Twitch and current YouTube streamer Dr. Disrespect is also heavily rumored to be appearing in Cyberpunk 2077.

Cyberpunk 2077 officially releases on December 10, 2020. That being said, pre-orders began shipping out in the past few days ahead of schedule. Those who have received their copies are already playing the game and why the internet is suddenly filled with numerous leaks and footage. The rest of the pack who are still awaiting their copies should be hence extra cautious when browsing online because story spoilers do tend to surface in such situations.

Cyberpunk 2077 will be landing on both the last and new generations of PlayStation and Xbox consoles, PC, and Google Stadia in less than a week. This moment was being anticipated for nearly the last eight or nine years.

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