Heroes of The Storm: King Leoric’s Talents, Possiblity of Diablo 3 Wizard

Datamining folks are always active when the fans of a certain game in dire need for a new dose of information regarding the future of their favorite games. This is even more important for Heroes of the Storm players who know know of King Leoric.

The first thing that they unearthed was a file titled “leoricbase_killwizard00.fxe” which has led the people to believe that there must be a wizard that is going to come up against him.

Now, Diablo 3 Wizard is definitely one major possibility and the community is thinking that this might be a hint for the same.

That being said, talents of King Keoric have been shown off in the video above. It last two minutes but covers his abilities and heroics as well as his talent of resurrection.

As you can see in the video, the Cheat Death timer measures the effects of his spectral abilities that heal Leoric and help reduce the death timer.

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