Here’s How You Can Buy Official Overwatch League Jerseys

What better way to support your favorite teams and players than by wearing their official Overwatch League jerseys in person? That is one area that fans must surely be exploring and while there may be various third-party outlets dealing on the side, here is one that claims to be working with Blizzard.

Into the AM has a dedicated merchandise tab that features Overwatch League jerseys for all the twelve participating teams. This covers not only the players but also additional representatives such as owners and coaches. In addition, each clothing comes imprinted with the in-game handle and number of the respective individual.

Unfortunately, purchasing these official Overwatch League jerseys will come at a significant cost. They will set back potential owners by $70 each, and this is without adding any additional charges such as shipping expenses.

Since it is this early, there is no word on the quality or durability of the clothing. The store, though, has a money back guarantee policy as long as it is requested within the month. If it is also of any comfort, the store has an esports streaming partnership with numerous renowned members of the community such as Marcus “Dyrus” Hill and Michael “Imaqtpie” Santana.

Besides the physical attire, you can also start purchasing the much-awaited Overwatch League skins in the game for representation. These are fairly cheaper, with the first one available for free and the next costing $5.

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