Here’s Another GTA 6 Rumor You Shouldn’t Believe

Rockstar Games and its projects are surrounded by many rumors and reports all the time, especially, GTA 6. The game's...

Rockstar Games and its projects are surrounded by many rumors and reports all the time, especially, GTA 6. The game’s release date, map, story, trailers, and everything else are reported all around the internet by multiple sources. Sadly, the majority of these rumors and reports are fake and never come to fruition.

Another rumor has come up now and while it sounds interesting (which is why we are reporting), keep your fingers crossed. According to a completely anonymous post on Reddit, full development on GTA 6 started back in 2018 under the codename Project Americas. Yes, the leaked codename is apparently true, according to this insider.

Rockstar India doesn’t have much to do with the game’s development, Rockstar North is at the helm of it. Meanwhile, Rockstar India is more involved with Bully 2 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. There is another version of Bully 2 in development for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Scarlett.

Grand theft auto 6 takes place in Vice City, the map is near the swamps and cities, small and bigger islands, far from the main area. According to one source, GTA 6 map has swamps on the left middle side, the city in the center, and the big island is down on the map.

Gameplay mechanics are the same as GTA 6 but still enough changes to make it different. The game is set in a different era and the player will see changes to the map and buildings over time.

GTA 6 map is much better than GTA 5 so there is plenty to explore. Some of the missions are set in Liberty City but only in the Middle part area.

As part of the main story, the weather system is a huge focus this time around. You can get hit by lightning, floods may occur, hurricanes may come.

Once again, just like GTA 5, the ending of Grand Theft Auto 6 will be dependent on your decisions. This is pretty up all there is that the “insider” shared. It is interesting how leaks always paint a perfect picture, the dream version of GTA we would like to see. Who doesn’t wanna go to VICE city and Liberty city? Anyways, despite how interesting this game sounds to make sure you file this under “rumors” and wait for more concrete information.

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