Square Enix Wants You To Help Improve Babylon’s Fall

The bleak situation has now convinced publisher Square Enix to ask players what exactly went wrong in Babylon's Fall.

Babylon’s Fall was released around a couple of weeks back to a mountain of disappointment and negativity. The third-person hack-and-slash role-player has even been called the worst game to release on PC in recent years, and the worst console exclusive to release for PlayStation 5 in history.

While developer PlatinumGames is probably still reeling from seeing its work being torn apart, the bleak situation has convinced publisher Square Enix to ask the players directly about what exactly went wrong with Babylon’s Fall.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, Square Enix announced a new survey for players to fill and help “bring a better game experience to Babylon’s Fall.”

The survey asks questions relating to the resolution and the visual quality of Babylon’s Fall. There are questions about whether players are satisfied with the “oil painting style” graphics of the game, as well as questions relating to several design elements such as equipment, map layouts, playable and non-playable characters, the user interface, camera movements, and such.

Take note that the survey must be completed by March 18. Square Enix has not clarified if it will be sharing the survey results with the public afterwards. Those who have purchased Babylon’s Fall will however be keeping their fingers crossed that upcoming updates are able to improve the state of the game, which (as players will say) is currently boring and meaningless in every aspect.

Babylon’s Fall is now available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC. The game will receive new game modes, new story expansions, and new weapons for free down the road.

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