(Update) Did Hello Games Just Abandon Its Offices?

Update: Like I mentioned, there is nothing to worry about. According to Pual Wier (Audio Chief for No Man’s Sky), Sean Murray, and Hello Games is fine and working on a new update for No Man’s Sky.

Original Story: Hello Games has been at the center of controversy ever since the release of No Man’s Sky. The studio was accused of False Advertising, broken promises, and is even under investigation in the U.K.

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The studio hasn’t said a word since last month while Sean Murray has been quiet since August. His Twitter account, that was once updated daily with news for hype, is currently dead. His last post was on August 18 but we were expecting him to come forward later this month on Live With YouTube Gaming.

But will that actually happen?

Some images appeared on Reddit earlier that show Hello Games offices and they appear to be abandoned. We don’t know when exactly were these images taken and there is such a thing as a “weekend.”


No Mans Sky (Hello Games) Offices Appear to be Abandoned.

Over at Reddit, some folks mentioned that this may be the old Hello Games office, the one that was flooded two years ago. It is to be noted that Hello Games moved back into the same office in February 2014 once the flood cleared.

Deserted office building combined with dead social media pages is a little concerning. But those who think Hello Games took the money and ran are most likely wrong.

In fact, Geoff Keighley recently got in touch with Sean Murray who stated that he is open to appearing on Keighley’s Live With YouTube Gaming to explain what’s going on.

During the very first episode of the show, Geoff Keighley discussed No Man’s Sky and stated:

I don’t think No Man’s Sky is a bad game. It’s just unfinished and repetitive because let’s face it, games are crafted by skilled story-tellers and big teams. Math can’t always create meaning.

We all wanted to believe in No Man’s Sky and Sean did too – so much that he was never able to build up the gumption to rip off that band-aid and reveal what was and wasn’t in the game … maybe the platform we gave him to launch the game was too big and created this black hole that he couldn’t pull himself out of.

We will have more updates for you as soon as the story develops.

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