All Helldivers 2 Titles And How to Unlock Them

This is the list of all the titles in the Helldivers 2 and how you can unlock and change them while progressing.

As you start Helldivers 2, you will notice a “Cadet” title right below your name that is unlocked by default. If you have the Super Citizen Edition, the title you will start with is “Super Citizen.” These titles don’t end here, and as you progress, you will unlock more and more titles.

However, nothing special will come with these Titles as they are entirely cosmetic. These will allow you to flex a bit while playing with friends, but nothing more. If you want to do that, we will cover all the Titles and how exactly you can unlock them.

List of All Titles in Helldivers 2

There are ten Titles you can unlock by leveling up, and two are available from the start; one is only for the Super Citizen Edition. You will unlock a new title after progressing five levels. As there are ten titles you can unlock, the max level cap is currently 50.

There is nothing more to unlock once you are halfway through the game and have progressed to level 25. After this, all you will get after advancing five levels is a new title. Hopefully, new content will be added soon to fill the gap. Until then, these are all the titles you can unlock.

TitleUnlock Requirements
Super CitizenExclusive to the “Super Citizen Edition” of Helldivers 2
CadetAvailable from the start
Space CadetLevel 5
SergeantLevel 10
Master SergeantLevel 15
ChiefLevel 20
Space Chief PrimeLevel 25
Death CaptainLevel 30
MarshalLevel 35
Star MarshalLevel 40
AdmiralLevel 45
Skull AdmiralLevel 50

How to change Title in Helldivers 2

Even after unlocking new titles, they will not update automatically, and you need to change them manually. You must get to the Ship and approach the Armory to change your title. In the Armory, select the Character tab, and you will find the Title at the end of the list.

Click on it to find all the titles you have unlocked until now. You can select the title and press Equip to show it to your friends while playing Helldivers 2.

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