All Stratagem Codes And Button Inputs In Helldivers 2

Once you know the Stratagems Codes and Button Inputs in Helldivers 2, you can even change Keybinding and call them while running.

Your abilities, or Stratagems, in Helldivers 2 can turn the tide of any fight. However, you can’t just call the required Stratagem with a single button press. Instead, you must press buttons in a specific sequence before you can use a Stratagem. The Button inputs in Helldivers 2 are unique for each Stratagem, so it will be tough for you to remember them all.

Once you know the code, you must press and hold left “Ctrl” on PC, and if you are playing on PlayStation, then hold “L1.” This will bring up the list of all the Stratagems you have equipped, and then you can enter the Stratagem Inputs to call the one you want. However, these Stratagem input keys are not fixed, as you can change your Keybinding by heading to the settings.

If you don’t know about the inputs for all Stratagems, don’t worry, as we have listed them all below.


Remembering the Stratagem Button inputs is hard, so having our list open on your mobile or some other screen would be ideal.

Patriotic Administration Center

This is where you unlock your support weapons. There are nine of them with more possibly being added in future content updates.

StratagemPC CodePlayStation 5 Code
Machine GunS, A, S, W, DDown, Left, Down, Up, Right
Anti-Material RifleS, A, D, W, SDown, Left, Right, Up, Down
StalwartS, A, S, W, W, ADown, Left, Down, Up, Up, Left
Expendable Anti-TankS, S, A, W, DDown, Down, Left, Up, Right
Recoilless RifleS, A, D, D, ADown, Left, Right, Right, Left
FlamethrowerS, A, W, S, WDown, Left, Up, Down, Up
AutocannonS, D, A, S, S, W, W, DDown, Left, Down, Up, Up, Right
RailgunS, D, A, S, S, W, A, S, DDown, Right, Left, Down, Up, Left, Right
SpearS, S, W, S, SDown, Down, Up, Down, Down

Orbital Cannons

You get to order your Destroy Ship to fire down its Orbital Cannons in Helldivers 2. These offensive stratagems can barrage large areas with explosions or fire a deadly laser that moves across the terrain.

StratagemPC CodePlayStation 5 Code
Orbital Gatling BarrageD, S, A, W, WRight, Down, Left, Up, Up
Orbital Airburst StrikeD, D, DRight, Right Right
Orbital 120MM HE BarrageD, S, S, A, S, D, S, SRight, Down, Left, Right, Down
Orbital 380MM HE BarrageD, S, S, W, W, A, S, S, SRight, Down, Up, Up, Left, Down, Down
Orbital Walking BarrageD, S, D, S, D, SRight, Right, Down, Left, Right, Down
Orbital Laser StrikeD, S, W, D, SRight, Down, Up, Right, Down
Orbital Railcannon StrikeD, W, S, S, DRight, Up, Down, Down, Right


The Hangar has some of the best offensive stratagems in Helldivers 2. Eagles fly in to conduct airstrikes and bombing runs across the ground. You get to also call in a mini-nuke to obliterate enemies in its blast radius.

StratagemPC CodePlayStation 5 Code
Eagle Strafing RunW, D, DUp, Right, Right
Eagle AirstrikeW, D, S, DUp, Right, Down, Right
Eagle Cluster BombW, D, S, S, D, SUp, Right, Down, Down, Right
Eagle Napalm AirstrikeW, D, S, WUp, Right, Down, Up
Jump PackS, W, W, S, WDown, Up, Up, Down, Up
Eagle Smoke StrikeW, D, W, SUp, Right, Up, Down
Eagle 110MM Rocket PodsW, D, W, AUp, Right, Up, Left
Eagle 500KG BombW, D, S, S, SUp, Right, Down, Down, Down


The Bridge part contains more Orbital stratagems but for mostly support purposes. It also gives you the option to drop sentries and emplacements such as the Tesla Tower to help you stand your ground.

StratagemPC CodePlayStation 5 Code
Orbital Precision StrikeA, A, WRight, Right, Up
Orbital Gas StrikeD, D, S, DRight, Right, Down, Right
Orbital EMS StrikeD, D, A, SRight, Right, Left, Down
Orbital Smoke StrikeD, D, S, WRight, Right, Down, Up
HMG EmplacementS, W, A, D, D, ADown, Up, Left, Right, Right, Left
Shield Generator RelayS, W, A, D, A, SDown, Up, Left, Down, Right, Right
Tesla TowerS, W, D, W, A, DDown, Up, Right, Up, Left, Right

Engineering Bay

The Engineering Bay has the best stratagems you should unlock first in Helldivers 2. That includes the Guard Dog Rover and the Shield Generator Pack once you start racking levels.

StratagemPC CodePlayStation 5 Code
Anti-Personnel MinefieldS, A, S, W, DDown, Left, Up, Right
Supply PackS, A, S, W, W, SDown, Left, Down, Up, Up, Down
Grenade LauncherS, A, S, W, A, S, SDown, Left, Up, Left, Down
Laser CannonS, A, S, W, ADown, Left, Down, Up, Left
Incendiary MinesS, A, A, SDown, Left, Left, Down
“Guard Dog” RoverS, A, S, W, A, S, SDown, Up, Left, Up, Right, Right
Ballistic Shield BackpackS, A, W, W, DDown, Left, Up, Up, Right
Arc ThrowerS, D, W, A, SDown, Right, Up, Left, Down
Shield Generator PackS, W, A, S, D, DDown, Up, Left, Right, Left, Right

Robotics Workshop

The Robotics Workshop, as the name suggests, mainly caters to sentries. You have a variety of different sentry turrets here for different purposes ranging from gunning down light enemies to destroying armored enemies.

StratagemPC CodePlayStation 5 Code
Machine Gun SentryS, W, D, S, D, S, WDown, Up, Right, Right, Up
Gatling SentryS, W, D, A, SDown, Up, Right, Left
Mortar SentryS, W, D, D, SDown, Up, Right, Right, Down
“Guard Dog”S, W, A, S, W, D, SDown, Up, Left, Up, Right, Down
Autocannon SentryS, W, D, A, WDown, Up, Right, Up, Left, Up
Rocket SentryS, W, D, D, ADown, Up, Right, Right, Left
EMS Mortar SentryS, S, W, W, ADown, Down, Up, Up, Left
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