Best Stratagems To Get First In Helldivers 2

As you level up in Helldivers 2, you should unlock the following Stratagems first for a smooth progression during missions.

At the start, you will only have a couple of Stratagems in Helldivers 2; you can unlock the best ones by leveling up. Along with leveling, you will also be required to get the Requisition Points that will allow you to buy the Stratagems.

You can only carry four unique Stratagems on a mission, so it may become a tough choice for you to make. Different stratagems will work well in different situations, so you should know which one to call when using the stratagems’ input buttons.

To help you in this regard, we just came up with the list of the best Stratagems in Helldivers 2. We have arranged them according to the level at which you can unlock them so you know which one to unlock first.

1. Orbital Gas Strike

Unlock Requirement: Level 3 and 4000 Credits

This stratagem will not cover a large area, but the damage it will do is far more than some of the strongest weapons in the game. It is especially great when you want to take out enemies even without facing them.

The cooldown of this Stratagem is not much if you compare it to the damage it will offer. You can use it more often than many other stratagems with the same damage, and are available early in the game.

2. B-1 Supply Pack

Unlock Requirement: Level 3 and 4000 Credits

If you have a team that depends heavily on the supplies, then this is the Stratagem you should unlock first in Helldivers 2. It will triple the supplies you and your teammates can use to clear out enemies.

3. GL-21 Grenade Launcher

Unlock Requirement: Level 5

It is undoubtedly one of the best handheld crowd-control weapons you can use in Helldivers 2. You can use it unlimited times; each magazine will offer 10 shots. With these shots, it can melt hordes of enemies.

If you have the B-1 Supply Pack, this grenade launcher will be even deadlier.

4. Orbital Airburst Strike

Unlock Requirement: Level 5

Until you get the Laser, this is the best weapon you can have. This will shoot down three consecutive bursts that can one-shot every low-level enemy. This is great for taking out chargers, as the Burst can hit the back, and if you manage to hit all three on the Charger’s back, they are dead.

5. AC-8 Autocannon

Unlock Requirement: Level 10

The Autocannon is a great Stratagem option that you have in Helldivers 2. It carries more bullets and fires way faster than some of the Stratagems you can consider at this level. You can reload it quickly and continue to deal with hordes of enemies yourself.

If you need a weapon primarily to kill chargers, Titans, etc., opt for the Recoilless Rifle. It is an amazing low-level weapon for dealing much damage if you have no issue with reload speed.

6. A/AC-8 Autocannon Sentry

Unlock Requirement: Level 13

This is a ridiculously fast cannon that can tear out enemies. You can boost its movement speed with some of the best ship Module upgrades in Helldivers 2. Its endless ammo makes it even better than the Rocket Sentry.

You can easily say that it is the best sentry in the game at all levels, and you should opt for this instead of others.

7. Eagle 500KG Bomb

Unlock Requirement: Level 15

This huge bomb in Helldivers 2 will take out the toughest enemies in a single blow. All you need to do is throw it at the right time because if enemies get away from it and move toward you, it will not damage them.

You should use it to clear hordes of enemies in a single blow. It is better to find a corner with no way out from all directions, move your enemies there, and then take them out in a single blow. Throwing it on the spot from where enemies are spawning is another great use this weapon can offer.

8. Orbital Laser

Unlock Requirement: Level 15

It is a great weapon as you level up since it can take out multiple enemies in a single run. Yes, you can take out a couple of chargers and other enemies in one use. However, you can only use it three times per mission, which is enough to give you an advantage.

It is cost-efficient, and the damage it deals with is far more than some other Stratagems like Railgun.

9. Railgun

Unlock Requirement: Level 20

As soon as you reach level 20, this is the weapon you should be unlocking in Helldivers 2. It is a great Stratagem that can strip the charger armor in just two shots. For Hulks and Titans, a single shot from this Stratagem is enough.

It is far superior to any other handheld weapon in the game. Be careful with it in the Unsafe Firing mode as it can also blow you.

10. Orbital Railcannon Strike

Unlock Requirement: Level 20

Railcannon Strike Stratagem is the best in the Orbital Cannons section when it comes to dealing damage to enemies. Orbital Railcannon Strike can one-shot every enemy in Helldivers 2. You may find it a bit inconsistent, and that is mainly because of targeting issues, but other than these, all enemies will feel weak against it.

While playing in a team, if a couple of your team members have it, you can clear out hordes without feeling much pressure.

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